The Socialist Party

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The Socialist Party

Party-The Socialist Party.jpg‎
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation TSP
Forum [1]
Colors Blue
Founded December 2009
Dissolved 2011
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Vanguard
Succeeded By Workers Rights Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Socialist Party was formed in December 2009 from the Ashes of the former Vanguard Party. It was a libertarian party, and its orientation was centre-left.

The party was working to provide the workers of the United Kingdom with help and support growth throughout the country. The party's values and aims were outlined in the [The Socialist Party Constitution] which was a foundation to built on.

The party started off as just an idea by Saneth Hill, Rolando de Marrilinio, and Daniel de Vito. However when Saneth was elected as PP on the 15th December, they could finally make their idea a reality. Newspaper articles were released from their paper, and the part shot up from 18th to the 13th biggest party in barely a week. The party continued to grow under Jamie Carter who continued to grow to party to a height of the 6th largest party in the United Kingdom. Once Jamie stood down from the Party President role the party maintained its membership before slowly dying away until becoming unknown.

On the 16th July 2011 the party was reborn under the previous Party President Jamie Carter for few months before the party transformed to Workers Rights Party.

Party Structure

The party structure was formally known as the party cabinet. These positions were given to members that want to develop and grow the party. Upon taking these roles, each of the Secretaries carry out their different duties and report back to the Party President with a progress report.

TSP Party Structure

The party cabinet was allowed to change after each Party President election, even if the incumbent Party President wins. The cabinet resigned their positions and re-applied for them. The cabinet could also change if a Secretary needs to stand done or in extreme circumstances, the Party Presidents asked them to stand down from their position.

Party Constitution

The Socialist Party Constitution is the set of rules and values put in place to ensure the party has a foundation on which to build. Following these rules ensure order and democracy throughout the party structure. The Socialist Party Constitution can be found here.

Party organization

Party was in control of one organization: The Socialist Bank of England.

Over the history of the party the logo has changed. The logo has changed massively from it's original design; this reflects the change of values within the party. It was seen important that the logo reflect the feel and objectives of the party.

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