The Suridius Maximus

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The Suridius Maximus

General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Owner Marcus Suridius
Founded 19th of May 2010
Subscribers 491
Articles 30+
Content Sport, PoliticsPolitics

The Suridius Maximus is the newspaper owned and published by Marcus Suridius and was founded on the 19th of May 2010.

This paper is not set on one certain area but has articles on multiple different things from the World Cup, Elections, Irish Music and Ambassador reports.

Some of the recent article's to be released by this newspaper include:

The State of eRepublik which gained 104 votes,

eIreland Best v2 Fighters and

Soldier or a Politicion which was created on day 1,056 and has in its first 2 hours 18 votes and 15 comments.