The Unity Party/December 2009 TUP Manifesto

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Information and Home Affairs:

Many countries have efficient ways of informing and teaching citizens on what is going on around the world. There can be improvements to our system. The MoD does inform people on battles and the MoHA on guides and events going on, but all of this is useless if the people are not aware it exists. We need more advertising of government newspapers and perhaps PMs to new citizens to get them informed on the world around them. A more educated population will lead to a efficient and stronger country.


As always, it is imperative to reach out to the citizens with under 40 wellness so they can fight. We must remind the people that they should strive to achieve a high amount of wellness. You can do this by fighting once, heal, and then not fighting for the rest of the day. An increase in wellness means better damage in fights and more productivity in work. These are needed to make the eUK stronger.


The MoHA has had yet another successful and productive month. The people at the MoHA have provided the citizens with events such as the UK lottery, FryDay, plenty of events for the Christmas season and so much more. This encourages citizens who would normally two-click to come out of their shells and become more involved within the community and the UK forums. I am certain that the future will be exciting as more events will be planned.



War can bring plenty of experience and improve activity. However, it can also be expensive. That is why there has been a recent increase in taxes. The money generated from the new taxes are going towards the war effort, which will enable you to gain more experience, damage and participation.

Work Policy:

The MoW does a great job employing new citizens with 0 skill. While some people complain about low wages, we should remind them that as their skill increases, they can find a higher paying job (and their wellness should also be high to lower the risk of being fired).


Major battles throughout the world can cause a strain on international trading. Regions by our allies with high raw materials might be lost or vice versa. We need to encourage trade with many of our allies to ensure that we have the raw materials needed to supply our manufacturing companies, such as weapons, gifts and moving tickets.


One of the problems with inactivity is that all their possessions become useless. Too much gold, GBP and supplies are lost because of inactivity. We are planning on a programme in which people who no longer wish to be a part of eRepublik to donate their possessions. By doing this, we can help out those that are new and/or in need of monetary help.

Military and Foreign Affairs:


When it comes to war, the eUK can easily be laughed at. We have one of the lowest rates of damage when we compare the population to damage ratio. If the eUK wants to be taken seriously, we need to improve our military. We need to encourage our citizens to join one of the branches of our military, and make sure that we have strong leadership within the military.

Foreign Affairs:

It has been a busy month at the MoFA. The creation of the Phoenix Alliance has been one of the main points. We are glad to be a part of this alliance, which was formed from the ashes of PEACE. This brings much hope to a prosperous future. Also, there has been progression in discussions between the UK and UNL. We hope that one day we will have a successful merge, but we understand that this event does not happen overnight, so there still is a long road ahead before major events take place. Already, we have gained the regions of Brussels and Flanders, and we hope to have an easy transition.

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