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The Unity Party on the Wiki

The Unity Party is the largest party in the UK and the twentieth biggest in the world, with around 400 members.
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Every month The Unity Party produces a single, national manifesto upon which we stand. This manifesto represents our legislative program for the coming month. Voting for TUP is not about voting blindly and hoping that your candidate will represent you based on party, it's about voting for policies.

Vote TUP on the 25th of July.

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Military Policy

This area is often something that is best left to the President and the experts in the Ministry of Defense, Congress has too many voices and too much time taken to debate between them when decisions need to be made fast and come from as few different people as necessary. However, the Military is possibly the largest expenditure of public money and we have a duty to make sure it is spent wisely. Which is why we support the measures currently taken to make sure it is active, effective and reliable, the seeking of opportunity for training battles and war games, the creation of a new branch to bridge the gap between regular service and special forces, the expansion of weapons and iron companies to give our soldiers the means to train and fight properly and especially the increase in informational articles that teach effective fighting and gaining wellness. Long may it continue.

Foreign Affairs

One thing that we could look into is a development council for the PEACE GC. The alliance has a lot of newer and less established countries as partners or members, countries such as Thailand, the Philippines that have low populations, low resources, not a lot of money, these nations represent good investment opportunities. A development council could coordinate and deliver economic aid in terms of imports and investment for the countries involved, promoting the flow of resources and wealth so that both recipients and investors can prosper. If such a council would be realistic the party would push the government to spearhead such an initiative.

With the UK's entry into PEACE, we have a new found set of good allies, strong, dependable and trustworthy. However, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't consider any country outside of PEACE, providing they are not hostile to the alliance, as potential friends, extending a hand to smaller and/or neutral nations can boost opportunities for all nations involved and combined with the possible development council could even help to foster more entries into the Global Community.


The current gifting scheme provides an excellent base to get the less well off of our citizens boosted into high wellness when training battles are available. It already does a good job, but we feel that it should be advertised more, made better known among the public. It should however go hand in hand with better education systems to try and prevent people needing gifting in the first place.

Establishing a gifting 'commune' is something we could also look into. In such a scheme a player could join up to a Q1 gifts company and be gifted those gifts they produce each. This could be an easy way for new players who drift below 40 to get back up at comparatively little government expense. Surplus gifts or a separate company could be established to stockpile gifts for use in the armed forces.


Better Government to citizen contact. Wether it be by articles, advertisements, or messages, the government as a collective should try and relay messages on current events more efficiently and clearly to the public. Something that many of our members already do by writing excellent articles, and sending message's to people.

The Unity Party is firmly against any sort of government pay or incentive scheme. Congressmen and Ministers should do their jobs because they applied to do them, adding a wage for "extra incentive" is not necessary, and a waste of government funds. Not only that, but Congressmen are already rewarded by the game with 5 gold for being elected. The use of Honours committee and the British Academy already allow for good civil servants to be recognised for their hard work.

The Unity Party supports the proposition to have state companies operating in the food industry, you may have noticed that food prices are fluctuating from day to day, with a general trend of rising. With the government taking direct control of a portion of food companies the country can exert some control on food prices, allowing a more reliable and affordable supply of food for our newer and less well off citizens.


We've probably all seen the first couple of pages on the UK companies market, many of them non-grain raw materials companies located in London, this represents a staggering waste of gold that could have otherwise started successful businesses, employing many citizens and generate lovely tax revenues. One of the best ways to combat this is to increase the presence of the Ministry of Trade, putting out educational articles, being available for questions, monitoring markets at home and abroad to locate great opportunities and ward away our businesses from poor ones. And we're happy to say the Ministry of Trade, lead by our own Iain Keers, nevertheless, is currently doing those things. Long may it continue. :)

Thanks for reading, on the 25th, vote smart, vote Unity, vote TUP