The Unity Party/November 2009 TUP Manifesto

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The Unity Party on the Wiki

The Unity Party is the largest party in the UK and the twentieth biggest in the world, with around 400 members.
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Information and Home Affairs

The MoHA runs a newspaper that releases informative articles. People should be encouraged to subscribe to this paper (and all the other government newspapers) to have up to date information on the events going on around them. The NAA recognises outstanding articles, and gives people a list of top quality newspaper articles. Communication is vital, and these newspapers are a great way of informing the people.

Regional Councils are a great way to promote activity and participation, and provide great schemes and programmes to the people in those regions. We encourage the use of regional councils, and promote their programmes that help reach out to those citizens that are new and/or in need of help.


Many regional councils provide gifting to the people of their regions, but each programme can vary, and some are run more efficiently than others. That is why we encourage a more centralised gifting programme. Every citizen should have the opportunity to receive gifts if they are below 40 wellness. Having 40 wellness means they can participate in battles, and have larger damage in those battles. With frequent battles, it is important to notify people of the opportunities they have, as we need to have as many people to fight as possible.


The MoHA has done an outstanding job in providing entertainment to the people of the eUK. This includes FryDay, the National Lottery and more. These have been proven to be a great success in creating activity, both on eRepublik and on the UK forums. We hope these events will continue, as they will continue to provide great entertainment to citizens both new and experienced.



The current tax values, set by the Unity Party, are where they should be. We need to make sure the government receives sufficient funds while ensuring the people get cheap, affordable products.


The MoW has been very busy over the past month making sure any reforms from last month were met. Overall, it has been very successful. Over the past several months, we have had a surge in the creation of businesses. While this means that there are always jobs available, the surplus and overproduction is becoming a problem. We need to make sure that people’s productivity is being distributed more evenly. For example, more skilled players should be working in higher quality level jobs, to make sure goods such as Q1 food is not overproduced (as the case is now). Government run companies are doing a good job in hiring Skill 0 employees, and we want this to continue.


Many of the markets are overcrowded, especially food and grain. We have plenty of companies in these two services, so having any more open (whether domestically or through importing to the eUK) is not needed. However, we need to continue having imported goods for raw materials besides grain. This way, we can make sure our manufacturing and construction companies have the raw materials it needs that are not found in our land.

Military and Foreign Affairs


Our military has become inefficient and becoming unorganised. The branches of the eUK’s military needs to be organised to overcome the adversities our nations faces. Anyone who is not a Congressman, Party President or Prime Minister can participate in one of the eUK’s military branches. We need to get people’s attention and invite them to join the military. Of course, we need strong leadership to make sure our military branches are run efficiently.

Foreign Affairs

The past month has had major events in international events. PEACE has fallen, with the eUK recently pulling out. While we are no longer a part of PEACE, we will still aim to maintain strong, friendly relations with the former nations of PEACE. While this is needed, we cannot keep looking in the past. We need to look forward, and seek participation in the creation of a new alliance. The eUK needs to become more active and of a larger influence on the international field.