The Unity Party/September 2009 TUP Manifesto

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The Unity Party on the Wiki

The Unity Party is the largest party in the UK and the twentieth biggest in the world, with around 400 members.
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 By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone 

For me this quote from our constitution defines all that is the Unity Party. We are not a collection of individuals; we are a team and a blooming good one. Voting for TUP is not about voting blindly and hoping that your candidate will represent you based on party, it's about voting for policies.

Domestic Policy

Information and Home Affairs

Under the current minister, Mr Woldy, the ministry of home affairs has become invaluable in eUK life. From massing messaging people to warn them of harmful employers to organizing entertainment, the ministry has excelled itself. This, however, must be maintained and bettered month on month.

NNA Awards

The National Newspaper Association scheme has recently been put into action. Newspapers are awarded gold, silver and bronze awards for articles. As a party we would very much like to see the expansion of this into a monthly awards ceremony whereby papers that have continually shown high standards are awarded an NNA affiliated paper badge and a cash prize.

National Lottery

We would like to propose the creation of an eUK National Lottery backed by the Bank of England. A player will pick four numbers of his or her choice. He or she will be able to pick from the number 1 to 50. We would suggest a jackpot of around 50 GBP + 90% of the money we get from tickets. That would help get the MoHa a bit of money with which to advertise the scheme. For a player to win the jackpot he or she would need to match all four numbers exactly. We could offer smaller prizes if players match 3 numbers. The price for a ticket would be around 1gbp.

Congress Buddies

Education is important and for that reason we would like to see a simple buddy scheme put in place for new congressmen. This would not to be a time consuming and daunting task for more experienced members of congress. A congress buddy would be the first point of call. He or she would simply be there to answer queries or point new congress members in the right direction. It is also a friendlier system than simply saying “go and read our legislation”.


At present our trade situation is not ideal. This can be attributed to ongoing wars; however, we have not adapted sufficiently to deal with a war time trade environment. The main problem is that we have nothing worth exporting. It would therefore be worth following up on the current Prime Ministers manifesto idea to acquire a Q5 hospital company for the eUK. We would also like to explore government trade grants. The idea being that we provide grants for companies, that are deemed viable by the MoT, to buy export licenses and also help with upgrade costs. By providing companies with export licenses we will also be able to shift some of our excess produce and generate more tax revenue.


We will push for weekly updates from the treasury on our economic situation to be published. By creating a dialogue between voters and the treasury we hope to build a more transparent economy that people feel is run with their best interests at heart. We appreciate that certain aspects of government spending are deemed sensitive but we would like to see certain areas of spending put into the public domain. We will also be pressing the treasury and Prime Minister to explore the possibility of allocating fixed budgets to government departments.


Our aim is to free up our military leaders to do what they do best, co-ordinate our armed forces. We will focus on changing the distribution system within the Royal Guard to begin with. Our suggestion is that each squad has its own org. To save costs this can be a captains existing org. Weapons are then deposited in each org and based forum, irc and hub activity Captains and their officers will distribute the weapons accordingly. To increase activity within the Royal Guard we would also suggest inter company competition based forum, hub and irc activity. The most active squad wins extra higher quality weapons. We are also keen to explore allocating the military a budget in order to prevent spending beyond our means. A peacetime, wartime and battle budget should seriously be considered.

Foreign Policy

We should continue to strengthen ties with PEACE countries, even in the little ways, such as using the PEACE irc, and contributing on their forums. Although we are a member of PEACE we should be seeking to create greater bonds with other alliances and neutral countries. We must show that our foreign policy is independent and not governed by our membership to PEACE.

TUP Initiatives

We are now at the stage where we will be putting our gifting commune idea into practice by taking the initiative and exploring this avenue of helping improve the welfare of new players we hope to be able to transfer our findings to a national initiative as the current system is not fit for purpose. We will also be examining all past legislation to decipher what is flawed and what is unneeded.