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The Book of Dear Father

General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Language Australian
Owner Dartreal
Subscribers 1190
Articles 157
Content Comics

The Book of Dear Father is a newspaper owned and run by Dartreal.


The newspaper, originally named "The Word Down Under" was created with the intention of producing fun and entertaining articles. Originally the Word Down Under would produce one or two of these a week. It would take an issue that a lot of people were talking about and a satire twist would be added to it. They are normally something completely over-the-top and made up.

An example of this was seen in an article where a slander advertisement was run on eAustralian Citizens Timeoin, Binda33 and Sir_c0nstant which stated that they couldn't be trusted. Dartreal took it a step further and "launched an investigation" into the three that "turned up evidence" of them being former eInternational Criminals who ran a crime syndicate that dealt with murder, kidnapping, extortion, weapons smuggling and drug dealing.

Accompanying the articles would be badly photoshopped photos of the people mentioned in the article. Not much time is put into any of the photos adding to the flavour of the article.

Eventually Dartreal started doing the "eAustralian History Comics" as part of a baby boom attempt to promote eAustralia and eRepublik. Though it did little to help the boom, the comics became popular in eRepublik and were released weekly. From there Dartreal turned his attention to making comics and the rest is history!

Dinner & Discussion with Dartreal

While writing up articles, Dartreal noticed a lack of interviews in the eAustralian newspapers. He decided that he was going to start having interviews with popular eAustralians and eventually try and get an interview with well known figures from other countries. He called the interview "Dinner & Discussion with Dartreal".

Dartreal will often ask three questions to all people he interviews days before the interview is conducted. He asks them what they want "served for dinner", all their achievements in eRepublik (politic, military etc) and will often ask for a photo (either a real life picture or avatar) to create bad photoshops to accompany the interview.

Throughout the interview Dartreal will mention current events going on in eRepublik or begin talking about something the interviewee has done. Instead of following it up with a question related to the topic he will often go completely off track and ask something completely unrelated such as "What's your favourite colour?" or "If you're stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you take?". During the interview Dartreal will often throw in a random or weird fact to the interviewee and begin asking questions based around what is being discussed, leading to some weird moments for both himself and the interviewee. The dinners will conclude with the a game of Word Association.

eRepublik eHistory eComic

While serving as the Minister of Baby Booming, Dartreal created a history comic of eAustralia recalling the nation's past events. It was used in the promoting of eAustralia and eRepublik. Dartreal decided that due to the overwhelming positive feedback from both eAustralians and from other countries, he was going to control the series as the "eRepublik eHistory eComic."

List of eRepublik eHistory eComics

eAustralia eHistory eComic

  1. 01: The eIndo/eAust War - [1]
  2. 02: The Warrior, Zaney - [2]
  3. 03: MachineMadness Goes To Washington - [3]
  4. 04: Cottus Arci & The eCanada Adventure - [4]
  5. 05: The Resistance Begins - [5]
  6. 06: The Great eAustralian Resistance War - [6]
  7. 07: eAustralia Returns! - [7]