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the blasphemer

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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
Date of birth Day 481 / 15 March 2009
Date of death 2011
Newspaper eSoldier
Congress member of Bosnia and Herzegovina
26th Jun 2009 – 25th July 2009
Congress member of Czech Republic
26th September 2009 – 25th October 2009
Party president of United Slavs
3rd October 2009 – 15th October
Minister of Defence of Czech Republic
6th October 2009 – 5th November 2009
6th November 2009 – 5th December 2009
Minister of Defence of Czech Republic
6th June 2010 –
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Days

The Blasphemer was born on Day 481 of the New World, first few weeks he spent in USA, and later in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he helped to defend against political takeovers that occurred in first month of countries existence. Later he moved to Romania and started his first company.

Military Experiences

In April 2009 he joined United States Armed Forces National Guard. In May 2009 he was transferred to United States Army, First Infantry Division under Goaly1323's command. He served some minor positions there, before the resignation and return to Bosnia and Herzegovina where he joined Armed Forces, and elite unit DRAKE under Zemlja's command. After serving there for few months he was offered a position of Commanding Officer to 2nd Battalion of 1st Brigade, by Minister Of Defence, SokoBiH.

In September 2009 he resigned from his position and from elite unit DRAKE after he fought his last battle under Bosnian flag and became Battle hero for the first time (day 659), then he left the country to join paramilitary unit Revolution Soldiers.

In October 2009 he was appointed to position of Minister of Defence of Czech Republic by president DaLe, where he made reforms of the army together with a team of hard working officers. Now the Czech Republic Armed Forces are well organized, and highly active, thanks to efforts of many Czech citizens that wanted a strong and safe Czech Republic. After a successful first term, he was re-elected for the second term as Minister of Defence in president Dale's administration. After the end of that 2nd term, he left Czech Republic to pursue new goals.

On day 712 of the New World he moved to Croatia to help against PEACE aggression, he tanked that day to the highest military rank, and he became Field Marshal, 231 days after his birth.

In December he Joined US Seal Team 6, he was a member for two months and the last part of his service in ST6 was in elite unit Immortals. In mid-January he left Seal Team 6 and returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he was a member of BiH EMC (EDEN Mobile Corps) for two months.

Political Career

He was Congress member of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jun 2009, Congress member of Czech Republic in September 2009. He became president of United Slavs party that same month, after Logamac resigned. Because of the situation around the party he changed the logo and the name to New Czech Power. After the end of his term, he took a pause from the politics to pursue his military career.

During his life in Czech republic question arose about unification of Slovakia and Czech Republic. In meeting between RL Czechs and Slovaks was decided that Czech Republic will be depopulated and limited to one region by high taxes and minimum wage. However, against it stood majority of Czech citizens including members of government. Many Czech ministers opposed the plan and voted by giving their resignations, the blasphemer as Minister of Defense resigned immediately, Red Duck as Minister of Population after decision of plan.


Newspaper - eSoldier

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Hard Worker (x14)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Media Mogul (x1)
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Battle Hero (x2)
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