The eOlympics/3rd eOlympic Games

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3rd Olympic Games

3rd Olympic Games
India 2010
Date: July 30, 2010
Host: Icon-India.png India
Current Number of Games: 5

The 3rd Olympic Games were an Olympic event that started on July 30, 2010 and ended the same day. They were hosted by Icon-India.png India. 4 countries made their Olympic debut in this game. 5 games were played in the 3rd Olympic Games, namely Swimming, Cycling, Running, Skiing and Snowboarding.

Participating countries and athletes

Withdrawing Countries

Total Medal Count

Olympic Host Nation and Participants:
     : Host Nation
     : Participating countries
(as of July 09, 2010)
Participating Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Icon-Australia.png Australia 0 0 0 0
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 0 0 0 0
Icon-India.png India 0 0 0 0
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 0 0 0 0
Nation having the most number of Olympic Medals Nation having the most number of Olympic Gold Medals Nation having both the most Gold Medals and most total Medals