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Theus Jackus

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth September 6th 2008 - Day 291 of the New World
Date of death Year 2010/2011
Residence Northern Ireland
Sex Male
President of Ireland
March 6th 2009 – April 5th 2009
Preceded by Nithraldur
Succeeded by Top Gun
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
December 5th 2008 – February 5th 2009
Preceded by Thomas Page
Succeeded by Michael Collins
Party president of Irish Socialist Republican Party
December 16th 2008 – February 5th 2009
Preceded by Mulligan
Succeeded by Kiemar
Party president of Irish Socialist Republican Party
February 16th 2009 – April 15th 2009
Preceded by Kiemar
Succeeded by Starks Hayter
Party president of Irish Efficiency Party
June 6th 2009 – July/August 2009 (est)
Party president of Irish Socialist Republican Party
August 16th 2009 – September 15th 2009
Preceded by Darragh O Faolain
Succeeded by Aran Tal
Party president of Irish Social Democrats
February 16th 2010 – March 15th 2010
Preceded by John Jay
Succeeded by Ian arbuckle
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Congress Work

Theus has been an extremely active congressmen, proposing two bills in his first term. The first of these bills was the Universal Education Act which provided a University to the people of Ireland. For his work, he was given the position of Minister of Education. He also proposed and passed the Regional Healthcare Initative and Employment Act which set up Regional Health Boards to replace the mayor's part in giving out wellness.

Minister of Education

Theus was the first Irish Minister of Education. The position was created after the Universal Education Act, which was proposed by him, was passed by a margin of 12 votes to 0. He officially opened the National University of Ireland on November the 1st, 2008. There was a party afterward and everyone but Mulligan were invited.

President of Ireland

Theus ran against incumbent nithraldur in March 2009, and beat him in a narrow victory. He was a hard working and dedicated President until he became inactive, citing real life commitments.

United Kingdom

After Theus moved to United Kingdom he become member of The Unity Party.