Things Plato should have told you

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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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The following is from the article Things Plato should have told you. written by MoonlightShadow in the newspaper Public Agenda[1]. This article gives the author's guide to new players.

Things Plato Should Have Told You

Well, the word on everyone`s lips is “babies”. Those babies are the most important and noticeable thing which happened in the last months, beside Indo-Romanian-PEACE-ATLANTIS War. Most citizens don`t know the times when eRepublik had just 30.000 citizens in the last winter, because they weren`t born then. Now there are more than 100.000, and in the end this should be a good thing for the game.

Of course, we can talk about how many of them are addicted and enjoys the game. Signs are multiples, for example if you ask at the bakery “how much is a bread” and after you`re answered you think “oretty it q2?”…or if a friend of yours asks for your help to move a really large piano and you say “how much gold i`ll get for helping you?”..well, you`re on the right track.

If that`s so then you probably already know that in eRepublik you can possibly have four main directions for personal improvement. One after another or simultaneously (but the recommendation would be to take them one by one) you can become an economical wealthy citizen, or an important voice of media, or Rambo Reloaded, or a politician. Hopefully, a respectable one. Still, you should take advantage of other`s experience and protect yourself from the mistakes others did. If you`d do that you`d climb higher much faster.

What mistakes i`m talking about? I`m talking about the order you chose to “check” those four possible goals. It may seem very logical, but many did huge mistakes. So did I, that`s why I want to share.

First step which is essential for almost all others is the media presence. It`s simple, if you don`t exist in media you don`t exist at all. You`re just a number for statistics, nothing more. If no one knows about your existence you`ll have no friends, no help, no advice, no nothing. A single drop in an ocean of “double-clicks-per-day” drops. It`s possible that you`ll enjoy so much the media activities that you`ll wish for nothing more, no politics, no nothing. Nice, then allocate your resources for good articles, personal satisfaction will be huge. Still, starting with this first step you must auto-evaluate yourself. If people tells you “your articles sucks, you`re a spammer” etc, you must listen to them. You may not write “nice” but you may rock in the army, or whatever.

Now, being “someone”, being known, having friends and relations, you can jump to the next phase.Economy. Somehow illogical, way too many want to be managers. Illogical because if everybody would be managers, who the hell would be left to work? The good news is that very, very few are made for this, capable of sustaining a prosper business. The rest will go bankrupted and lose both their own money and the ones they borrowed to open their business. I still remember how a young citizen asked me a couple of months ago “why the hell do I keep losing money every day, the math tells me that I should have profit”. The simple explanations that took me a while to find out was the difference between “1 +2*S” from the formula available on Wikipedia, and the “(1+2) *S” he was actually calculating. Of course, that guy maybe could be good at anything, but not economy.

Being known in media, learning the game, having friends willing to support your ascension, being somehow wealthy and knowing the business environment, you can climb up the next step. Politic. Here many citizens have done the same mistake. With or without help they stepped in the politic world and found themselves in the position to vote laws they know nothing about their consequences. Because they don`t know the effects of the “change tax to 1 %” law, they vote how they are told to, by others. And this voting by command turns the “democracy” into “dictatorship”, the power in the hands of just 3-4 people with “experience”. My personal opinion is that politics should be reserved for citizen having a minimum amount of experience, in all domains. One month old citizens are just not prepared for voting laws, simple as that. On the other hand, as a personal conclusion, politics is the weakest domain when it comes to personal satisfactions. Except the case of highest positions, being the president, an important minister, etc. The politics world it`s really a dirty one, but it`s necessary dirt if you dream for a complete “wining” of the game.

Being known (media), rich (economy), having relations at high level (politics), concurrent with your strength boost you may start your military career for good. And that asks for gold, lots of gold. This gold may come from all directions, donations (because people knows you and trusts you), from your own companies (because you`re a good manager by now), and also from the political/military level (tanking with country`s help). Anyway, it`s important the main resources to be personal, from your companies. If you manage that, personal satisfaction will be great.

So, this is what Plato should have told you. Don`t get into business when you`re completely alone, with no friend, no knowledge, no nothing. Don`t try to “boom” your military career having just 2 months in eRepublik. Don`t spend gold on expensive weapons or wellness when your damage is just 25. Do something with that gold, invest it, later on will come the day to prove your military power. Don`t play with your citizen`s image in media. Actually, all that you have is your image. If you`re a damn spammer everybody hates, be sure you`ll be alone in this game. If you keep publishing articles about the latest movies from Hollywood, be sure you`ll be just a matter of jokes in this game. As I said, you must be active in the media field, that`s the first step.By "active" i don`t necessarily mean "publishing", you may post comments, express opinions on forums, etc. But be careful, listen to other`s feedback. You must auto-evaluate yourself, your qualities and capacities, as objective as possible. Plato also should tell you not to filch. After you climbed 10 hours to reach the top of a high mountain, you can really call yourself the king of the world. If a helicopter would just put you on that top, you`d be just nobody. And so you`d be remembered as.


  • observe the media, keep your head low
  • learn the game, learn the people, and gather information..don`t screw your citizen`s image now, at your elife beginnings when you`re a “noob”. You`ll feel sorry for that later on, because your citizen may remain screwed forever, so be careful, just learn for now.
  • start acting in the media, make yourself known, express your opinions, make friends, and why not, enemies
  • after 2-3 months try the economy part, gather some experience and knowledge, try to secure your economical future somehow, investing, creating company, etc
  • next you can become even more active in the media, you can climb up for politics, but this is slippery
  • after 6-7 months your strength permits you to invest in your military career, it`s time to be a Rambo for your nation.

That`s all folks, I think this is the best way to go.

Regards :)