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Dead citizen

Thomas Page

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 14 August 2008
Day 268
Date of death Year 2010 (est)
Residence Wexford
Sex Male
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
5th November – 5th December
Preceded by Final Destiny
Succeeded by Theus Jackus
Congressman of Ireland
May 2009 – 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Thomas Page was a citizen of Ireland.


He had excellent land skill and manufacturing skill. Thomas Page was considered as a valuable employee and has been awarded following Hard Worker medals:

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 2x Hard Worker


Thomas Page was active member of Irish Socialist Republican Party, Irish Efficiency Party and Irish Social Democrats. Thomas was elected into a Congress of Ireland and has served 5 terms as a Member of the Congress.

Icon achievement congressman on.gif 6x Congress member.


He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Commander***.png Commander*** and has received following military medals:

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier.


The Golden Pages :) is the newspaper published by Thomas Page.