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Citizen2058778 v2.jpg
Icon Plato foundation former board member.png
Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
National rank 12
Date of birth 20th October 2009
Residence Belgium
Sex male
Political party All TOgethers
Newspaper This is eBelgian
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
January 2013 – February 2013
Served under BrunoCND
Succeeded by BrunoCND
Congress member of Belgium
Party president of All TOgethers
October 2016 – December 2016
Preceded by Icurlybear
Succeeded by Icurlybear
Minister of Culture of Belgium
June 2013 – July 2013
Served under MCKitkat
Preceded by tommot
Succeeded by Jofroi
Spokesman of All TOgethers
June 2013 – September 2013
Served under Cotarius
Preceded by Boklevski
Succeeded by Boklevski
Councillor of All TOgethers
September 2013 – October 2013
Served under Cotarius
Preceded by Alexandross
Succeeded by Gucio
Secretary General of All TOgethers
October 2013 – November 2013
Served under Gyantse
Succeeded by Mr. Wonka
Party president of Vlaams Geweld
24 April 2014 – 03 June 2014
Preceded by Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Chairman of Congress of Belgium
Preceded by Alexandross
Succeeded by MCKitkat
Country President of Belgium
January 2015 – February 2015
Preceded by e Vladimir
Succeeded by MaartenW
Minister of Interior of Belgium
May 2015 – July 2015
Served under e Vladimir & Icurlybear
Prime Minister of Belgium
February 2015 – March 2015
Served under MaartenW
Military unit Olympus Belgicae
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 3.png Squadron Leader***

tommot is a citizen of Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium.

Icon achievement sol on.gif Achievements

This info has been based on day 3715.

  • 20 times Congress member
  • 83 Hard Worker medals
  • 327 Super Soldier medals
  • Party president of the Belgium For Belgians party (1X)
  • Party President of the All TOgethers party (7X)
  • The BoDi award for media - day 1840 - 3 December 2012 & on day 2813 - 3 August 2015
  • Belgium forum-moderator - day 1909 - 10 February 2013 until day 2081 - 1 August 2013
  • Forum administrator (eRepublik Belgium/erepbelgium) - day 2058 - 9 July 2013 until (end date will follow later)
  • Mercenary medal - day 2142 - 1 October 2013 and 2° Mercenary medal - day 2209 - 7 December 2013
  • 1° Media Mogul Medal achieved on day 2188 - 16 September 2013
  • Icon rank God of War***.png God of War*** - day 2834 - 24 August 2015
  • Resistance Hero medal achieved on day 2231 - 29 December 2013
  • Supreme Court judge (forum) - day 2340 (18 April 2014) - until 17 July 2014
  • Party President of the Vlaams Geweld party (1,5X) - day 2347 (23 April 2014) until day 2386 (2 June 2014)
  • Military Unit (Olympus Belgicae) forum moderator - day 2345 (21 April 2014) until (still appointed)
  • Moderator on the official eRepublik forum - day 2397 (13 June 2014) until (still appointed)
  • 1° time Country President (eBelgium) - day 2604 - 6 January 2015 until day 2634 - 6 February 2015
  • Reached Aviator - day 3244 - 7 October 2016

Medal achievements

Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x23)
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x94)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x31)
Icon achievement president on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif
Battle Hero (x47)
Icon achievement skyhero on.gif
Sky Hero (x1)
Icon achievement resistance on.gif
Resistance Hero (x20)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x420)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x10)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
True Patriot (x61)

Non-Medal achievements

Icon achievement party president on.gif
Party President* (x10)
Last awarded: Day 3254 (16 October 2016)
Icon achievement cot on.gif
CoT soldier* (x1)

Icon history.png Short History

These are short summaries of highlights in his life.

Birth -> emergence

Birth -> August 2012

Joined the game on October 2009 and from that day stayed fairly quite on the background. Trying to understand the game he stepped back because of the many changes within the game and the nation(s) he resided in.

On 25 December 2010 he decided to join the Belgian forum. And then started to build his activity slowly but steadily. At the end of 2011 he joined the political party Belgium For Belgians and stayed with this party attempting to bring it out of it's slumber and back into focus.

In the beginning of 2012 he was starting to become more vocal in his participation of the Belgian community. Because he thought his efforts had little effect he resigned from the BfB somewhere in the month of August 2012 and started to search for other possibilities within the game (like economics, Military or the media-module).

August 2012 -> December 2012

As of beginning of September 2012 he joined the political Party All TOgethers (ATO) and in less then a month he became the Party president of the ATO. Since November 2012 he has chosen to resign as Party President of the All TOgethers and decided to stay on the background of Belgian politics for a while.

Emergence -> growth

December 2012 -> May 2013

From the first term of Party President Tony Clifford he has been appointed as a Councillor within the party All TOgethers. He resigned this position temporary to help out a friend in another party Netherlands BE Back but then quickly returned to his position as Councillor in the ATO.

At the last day's of the year 2012 he stepped up his political activity for a little bit to assist his party and help out some friends during the last Congress election of that year. Due to this willingness to help he accidentally got elected to Congress member. As of January 2013 he started to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government lead by BrunoCND.

In the Congress elections of January 2013 he was not re-elected as congress member. On the 6th of February 2013 he completed his term as MoFA and did not take a new position in the next government. As of day 1909 he was appointed a moderator on the Belgium forum. In March 2013 he got himself elected as congress member again. By the end of March 2013 he ended his term as congress member.

In April (after the Country President election) a war between France and Belgium broke out and where he started in changing the balance of some battles in favor of his country. Although his damage was not the highest of all yet a little bit made the difference in several battles. This war officially ended on day 1984 (26th April 2013).

Just as this war ended he was elected as congress member again. As a new Country President was chosen he joined the cabinet in the function of Secretary of Media & FUN. On day 1999 he left the Belgian Civilian Army as captain and took over the control of a newly purchased Military Unit. As the new commander of this unit he renamed it the very next day(day 2000) and gave it a new logo. It was now named Olympus Belgicae.

On 15th of may he was elected as Party President of All TOgethers which makes this a total of 4 times that he was elected as party president. With that (and his position in the government and as Congress member) he has reached his highest activity so far. On the 25th May he did not get re-elected as Congress member.

May 2013 ->

With the election of a new Country President and thereby also a new government he was able to stay in office as Secretary of Media & FUN and continue to do a wonderful job as such. On 6th July he completed his 2nd term in that position and by that he decided to pursuit a less active role in the community. On day 2058 he was appointed as a new administrator on the Belgian Forum while still holding the position of moderator which ended on 1st of August 2013. His appointment as new forum-administrator was done because of the retirement of a long standing in-game, forum & IRC community member named Pieter557.

As of 26th July 2013 he was once again a Congress member and found himself once again in a very active role of the Belgian community. At this time his service as forum moderator in the Belgian Forum ended. In the time before Congress elections of August 2013 he decided to try to become less active again as his previous attempt (started in July) did not turn out as he hoped it would be. His first step was not signing up for the Congress and then be less vocal in the party communications.

As of the beginning of September 2013 he has effectively stopped any official political involvement. With the exception of the usual election articles and an occasional comment in the congress area on the Belgian Forum as well as the maintenance of the party's mass-pm, he has no political involvement at all. On September 21st he organized the 2° eRepBelgium Meet. And following that he made a nice article about it.

Growth -> establishment

August 2013 -> May 2014

Until the Party president elections of October 2013 he was appointed as Councillor of All TOgethers again, but from then (October 16th) he was reassigned as Secretary General of that party. After a week of debate within the party it was decided that tommot would run for Party President for November/December. As predicted he could not stay out of the active political scene yet just after a week of many debates on the forum and a sudden rise in activity within the party he had the need to step back (still remaining in the position of PP) and leave it to the other members of the party to discuss any larger matters.

It was also in November that he was finally able to gain his well earned Media Mogul medal and with the new changes on many aspects in the game he was quickly able to gain 3 Freedom Fighter medals. In the Party President election of December 2013 he got re-elected. This time he had the difficult task in keeping the balance between several quarreling members of the party.

At this point he managed to get the fighting party members to move on and focus on matters of importance within it's ranks. It is also at the end of December and beginning of January that he gained his first Resistance Medal. On the 15th January he was not re-elected as Party President of All TOgethers and just a few day's after that he left that party not to go to another party, but just to stay out of it all and only to return to a party to provide assistance to a friend in need.

On Saturday 8th February he was approached with an offer to become a reporter for an international newspaper. In that position he was assigned with reporting newsflashes about what is going on in eBelgium community. His first contribution as reporter can be found in the sunday edition of that newspaper.

As of day 2296 (4th March 2014) a revised Military Unit started, after some deliberation it was decided to use the MU Olympus Belgicae as platform for this commune. The name was only slightly altered (Olympus Belgicae) and it's logo had a small addition to it. On 22nd March he was asked by friends to place his candidacy for the congress election that time. So he joined the party Union-Unie and placed his candidacy to serve as a blocker to keep the party safe from less honorable people. He did not get elected but as that was never his intention he found this to be a job well done.

Just days before the next congress elections (April) he received 2 requests from his friends. One of them was the same as the previous time where Tony Clifford asked him to join UU to serve as blocker and to keep the members count high enough to stay in the top 5 of the party-rankings. The second request came from another friend Beaverss Tribute to Raskol who asked him to take over the leadership of the small political party Vlaams Geweld so that his friend could run for congress in one of the top 5 parties. Shortly after he took control of Vlaams Geweld, he noticed the article and other shout-messages that his friend beaver was planning to stop playing this game.

May 2014 -> February 2015

The month May had little important personal activity for tommot. So this will go about the months after that. On day 2389(05 June 2014) he advanced from Division Icon division 2.png onto Division Icon division 3.png (revised system 2014) when he reached the XP-level 50. On day 2397 - 13 June 2014 he became a moderator on the official eRepublik forum. Several weeks before this he was preparing to slow down even more and on day 2398 (14 June 2014) he stepped down as the first commander of the unit Olympus Belgicae. During the RL world cup there was a tournament organized which made it so that if as many people as possible would join a single Military Unit that this would increase the individual's chances of getting a reward. As a result, all members of OB except 1 (Alexandross) moved to the official state-army BNA.

The months July and August was a time of inactivity and decay in the Belgian community. This also included an almost total absence of political activity. Disturbed by all this, he took an active role in politics once again by firstly becoming a candidate for the Congress in September 2014 and shortly after that he got elected as Congress member. Immediately after the elections he also became candidate for the role of Chairman of Congress (CoC) with the intend to create some activity in this area. He made a proper introduction article of his new job and shortly after the soon followed Country President election in October 2014 activity slowly returned.

On day 2517 he made his second CoC publication showing a large increase in activity for congress and the new Belgian government. Politically speaking he served as CoC during a time (October-November) where there was no congress and coordinated with the CP of that time to keep congress matters alive which include maintaining communication with the CM of the previous term. After this time of no congress he was still serving as CoC (re-appointed as Belgian law describes). At the beginning of December 2014 he started to work on his summary of what is know as the "Newspaper of the Month" series and named the big finale of this series as "Newspaper of the Year"(NotY) where he added extra awards and spread-ed this contest over a course of 2 months (December, January). Also during this time a new training War was started, but unfortunately(or by design) this was done just before congress election and as result Belgium was without a congress again. Military speaking he gained several medals and a new top damage because of this Training war.

By the end of the December some matters were discussed about who was going to be the next Country President candidate which was a hard thing to decide as at that point there where almost no players able and willing to take the role. Because of this he stepped up and started to run for his first CP term. Reluctantly he was elected as the Country President in January 2015. Reluctantly because he always believed that he needs months of preparation time to take on this role. Luckily he had good support and guidance from many experienced players. His most notable act at this time was the set-up and signing of Cuba-Belgium Renting agreement which had an effect much later on that year. during that term as CP he was temporary removed from the Administrators team of the eBelgian forum (as the law book specified). after that term he was reinstated as administrator. Shortly after his term as CP ended ha was appointed as the Prime Minister in the government of his successor MaartenW.

February 2015 -> October 2015

During this time there where little notable personal events in his e-life other then the usual moderator/administrator work and occasionally sharing his thoughts about some internal party politics. he gained a few Battle hero medals and every month he gained a new XP level. On day 2635/8 February 2015 he was appointed as Captain of the 1st Regiment in his MU Olympus Belgicae. On 26 April he gained his 12° Congress member medal/position which he considered his last as after that term he takes a step back from all political matter, even writing election articles. As last governmental involvement he accepted the position of Minister of Home Affairs for the 2 term of May and June. He did only 1 task, organizing the Belgian part of the e-Euro Vision Song Contest which was originally conceived by the Irish government. After this point he only did his daily tasks(work, train, fight DO) and write the Newspaper of the Month articles.

About 5-6 days before the congress elections of October 2015 he decided to take an active role in these matters again. Shortly after getting elected he placed his candidacy for CoC and got elected for the task. In January 2015 he was still appointed as Chairman of Congress.

October 2015 -> October 2016

This era is marked with even less activity then the previous one. Just a few medals where gained during this time such as True Patriot medal and congress medal but most notable is that near the end of this era a mayor shift in politics happened.

At the mid point of October 2016 tommot regained the position of commander in his MU Olympus Belgicae which was discussed in private mass-message long before it was decided. Around that same time he would also become party president of All TOgethers again (7 terms in this party).

MilitaryAward.png Military

Special notes:

  • As of day 2282 he was reduced in position of divisions from division 4 back to division 2.

More details about this change can be found here.

  • On day 2389 (05 June 2014) he advanced from Division Icon division 2.png onto Division Icon division 3.png (revised system 2014) when he reached the XP-level 50.
  • On day 2398 (14 June 2014) he stepped down as the first commander of the unit Olympus Belgicae.
  • Moved from Division Icon division 3.png into Division Icon division 4.png on day 2889 - 18 October 2015
  • Gained the first Air Force Rank since Aircraft battle was added. Airman 1st class - day 3165 - 20 July 2016


Based on day 3715:

  • His strength level was at 81,992.05


This is what kind of nice badges he has earned on his profile, starting from day 2049 until (still ongoing).

48th place in the National Shield tournament - day 2094 - 14 August 2013

Icon leaderboard fighters 1.png 1° place MU Damage Dealer (x1)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 1.png 1° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 4) (x7)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 1.png 1° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 2) (x1)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 1.png 1° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 3) (x1)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 1.png 1° place MU Opponents Defeated (x1)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 1.png 1° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 4) (x6)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 1.png 1° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 2) (x2)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 1.png 1° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 3) (x3)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 2.png 2° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 4) (x9)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 2.png 2° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 4) (x8)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 2.png 2° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 2) (x2)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 2.png 2° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 2) (x7)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 2.png 2° place Opponents Defeated(Division 3) (x6)
Icon leaderboard oppdef 2.png 2° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 3) (x10)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 2.png 2° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 3) (x13)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 3.png 3° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 2) (x4)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 3.png 3° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 2) (x5)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 3.png 3° place MU Opponents Defeated(Division 3) (x11)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard fighters 3.png 3° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 3) (x13)
Olympus Belgicae
Icon leaderboard oppdef 3.png 3° place Opponents Defeated(Division 2) (x1)
Icon leaderboard fighters 3.png 3° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 2) (x2)
Icon leaderboard oppdef 3.png 3° place Opponents Defeated(Division 3) (x7)
Icon leaderboard fighters 3.png 3° place MU Damage Dealer(Division 3) (x9)
Icon defense shield top50.png 48° National Shield (x1)
Ranked top 50 National Shield 2.png 46° National Shield 2 (x1)
Icon leaderboard freedom fight nat 50.png One of the first 50 Freedom Fighters (x1)
Icon 4th mu tournament 2.png 2° place New world Cup(division3) (x1)
Icon ns3 50.png Top 50 player New World Cup Final (x1)
Soldier of Fortune (x1)

PoliticsAward.png Politics

* In the beginning of his life he had little interest in the political part of the game as he was more focused on learning and understanding the game.

* By the end of the year 2011 - halfway the year 2012 he began to build more appreciation for the political aspects and from then he made a lasting presence in politics.

* End of 2012 - start of 2013 he managed to build a solid political position in Belgium.

* As of the end of August - beginning September 2013 He took upon a less active role in the political part of this game and community.

* In November 2013 he saw it to be necessary to get back active within the party in the hope to get it more active than the last few months and re-run for a second term.

* On the 17th of January 2014 he left the political party All TOgethers. More details here

* On the 24th of April 2014 he took over the leader position of the party Vlaams Geweld at request of the previous party president who was planning to stop playing the game.

* On 2nd June 2014 he was able to disband the party Vlaams Geweld.

* On 26 September 2014 he got elected into Congress after a long time of sitting on the side-line. Shortly after that (29th September) he was chosen as the new Chairman of Congress(CoC). He has served as CoC for 4 terms in a row.

Short Congress-election presentation

tommot, 20 times Congress member, former Party president of Belgium For Belgians(x1) disbanded, of All TOgethers(x7), of Vlaams Geweld(x2)disbanded, he was the most heard Councillor and former Secretary General & Spokesman of the ATO Party Presidents. Multiple times Secretary of Media & FUN & Minister of Home Affairs in the Belgian government and former CoC (last term August 2016). He is a citizen who started in 2009 but it was not until the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 he became more active. He is one of the values of ATO, and he would try to make our Belgian community an even better and active place.

Newspaper: This is eBelgian

Military Unit: Olympus Belgicae, 1st Regiment, Commander

Government positions

Immigration Officer(Belgium) - day 1806 - 30 October 2012 Until day 1849 - 12 December 2012

Minister of Foreign Affairs(Belgium) - day 1874 - 06 January 2013 Until day 1905 - 06 February 2013

Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Belgium).png

Secretary of Media & FUN(Belgium) - day 1994 - 6 May 2013 Until day 2055 - 06 July 2013

Alternate Header(SoMF).jpg

Minister of Home Affairs - May 2015 - July 2015

Belgium Monarchy

Monarchy of Belgium
New title Count of Antwerp

JournalismAward.png Media

5th BoDi award for media
6th BoDi award for media

Newspaper: This is eBelgian: Political and electoral info's, entertainment(games), Media-highlights

On day 1840 - 3 December 2012 he received The BoDi Award for media for his contribution in this area.

On day 2367 he got interviewed for the first time ever by the MoHA of Belgium which he considered a great honor: MoHA Interview with Tommot

On day 2813 - 3 August 2015 he received The BoDi Award for media a second time for his contribution in this area.

NotY award - Best contest award! - day 2995 - 1 February 2016

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