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6th President of Sweden, diplomat, former congressman, businessman, hard worker, super soldier, newspaperman, husband[!] and a lotto player.



Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth SEP 15, 2008
Residence Svealand, Sweden
Sex Male
Political party Flashback Sweden
Faith Capitalism
President of Sweden
15 January, 2009 – 15 March, 2009
Preceded by Danny
Succeeded by Algaroth
Swedish ambassador of Poland
November, 2008 – present
Congressman of Sweden
September 21st, 2008 – January 15th, 2009
Party president of Flashback Sweden
17 December 2008 – 15 March, 2009
Preceded by Danny
Succeeded by Algaroth
Military unit ATLANTIS
Rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Colonel]]


Toothpaste dressed as Santa Claus in 2008
Toothpaste as a child.
Toothpaste (Also known as 'Tandkräm', 'Tandpasta', 'Pan Tubka' and 'Pasta') is a former congressman in Sweden and the former Party Leader of at the time, biggest party in the country[1], Flashback Sweden and a former President of Sweden. Toothpaste is, to this day, working for the Swedish government as a Swedish ambassador in Poland as of November 2008 where he serve as the official representative of his country.


Rumors say he was born in a test tube, then squeezed into a fairly uncomfortable plastic/rubber tube thing. After existing within the tube for years he became a substance only known healthy to teeth. Some say he gained the ability to speak when he took over a persons body via entrance into the mouth.[2]

Life motto

 There is no hole the great Thoothpaste can't conquer[3] 

Toothpaste loves to polish the facts and to conquer all of the corruption and ignorance within politics of Sweden[4].

Political views

Toothpaste calls him self a social liberal, capitalist and an imperialist.[?]

On the 7th of December 2008 Toothpaste announced through his newspaper "Toothbrush" that he is a true imperialist.[5] He is the first congressman from the FBS that made such announcement. In his meaning being an imperialist isn't a bad thing since everybody "wants to own a slave, or a midget or two just for entertainment". Imperialism, in his political view, doesn't fully enslave natives in the old fashion way, on the contrary, it gives the natives a freedom of choice - to be ruled by a better government, Sweden, or the native one, but at the same time the natives can live in their homelands since he wants only conquer some parts of other states regions.

Political Career

Logo of Toothpaste's party, Flashback Sweden.
Right away Toothpaste did throw himself into a political career and after seven days he got voted into the Swedish congress as representative of Flashback Sweden (FBS).[6]

On the 92nd day after an even fight with his much more experienced and aged opponents Betamjau and Karl Holm, he won the party elections[7] and became the party president of Flashback Sweden, biggest party in Sweden and the third biggest in the world[8]. This also grants him the sit as the President of Sweden since the the majority of Swedish citizens belonged to FBS.[9]

It has been said that particular election changed the politics of both the party and Sweden; Toothpaste wasn't "given" the sit course it was his turn in line, instead he worked his way up and earned it. He showed members of the FBS and Sweden that people need to perform to become the leader of the flock.[10]

Toothpaste won his first presidential election of Sweden in January 2009 where he was supported by a total of 4 Swedish parties - FRONT, Svenska Expansionspartiet, the Danish Party and his own party. He got 253 votes (52%) while his second opponent only received 125 votes.[11]

Toothpaste stayed as the president of Sweden for two terms. When he quit in March, he left being the party president as well so he could concentrate on getting his military skill up. In march, he fought his first military battle ever.[12]

Military Career

Toothpaste is taking off for a battle in Spain against France, March 2009
After his two term presidency in Sweden Toothpaste moved to Spain in early March 2009 where he for the first time fought in a war. His skill was at the time around 8.8 and this makes him probably the longest lasting non-fighting politician of all times.biased Now the rumors say that he feels the lust for blood and to smother all attempts of insanity during peace times he eats human babies, pussy cats and imported midgets.biased

Toothpaste has recently been decorated with the rank of Colonel for his achievements on the battlefield. He raised from the rank of Private to Colonel in 34 days and of a total cost of 26.86 gold.[13]

Personal life[!]

Did this happened on Toothpastes wedding night?

Marriage with Jbmalin

In January 2009 when Toothpaste took office as the 6th president of Sweden he decided that he needs a first lady so he put a spell on Jbmalin, Swedens most charismatic female.biased Toothpaste and Jbamlin got married on 15th of January the same year in an Elvis Presley chapel and Jbalin became the first lady of Sweden.biased[?] Other ladies were of course jealous since Toothpaste was one of the most handsome single hunks out there that brushes his teeth daily.biased

The Controversy[!]

Its still unclear and widely debated if Toothpaste and Jbamlin ever had sex during the wedding night, and if they haven't, does that make the marriage legal? Some say yes, other say no. Two months later, on the 16th of march 2009 Jbmalin and Toothpaste almost got divorced course of a discussion if it is sex or not if Toothpaste uses his fist instead of his manhood during the intercourse. Toothpaste and Jbmalin both agrees that they are still officially married until proven otherwise.biased[?]

Toothpaste the gambler

Every Wednesday you can hear Toothpaste saying in the Polish IRC chat: "This time I'm going to win, Carbon promised me that I will win", (note: Carbon has nothing to do with the Polish lottery that happens every week). Right after the lottery takes place you can hear Toothpaste saying, "I lost, again". Even tho he is a true lotto gambler that seldom miss a week playing on both the Polish lottery, eLotek, and the global one, eRepublik International Lottery, he has never won a single golden penny.[14][15]

Famous Quotes by Toothpaste

Quotes below are from Toothpaste shouts and IRC chats unless reference is given.

 Swedish communists... they want to save the world but all they do is comb their fur caps and drink vodka! 
 Somebody sell me cheap Q3 weapons before i rip my balls of. 
 Every general has to count in those unforeseen obstacles in war. Ours are bugs, downtime and bad admins. 
 This layout of eRepublik is driving me crazy. How can I express my feelings about Germany when I cant find the button for the nukes? 
 The French and war, damn, those guys were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. 
 Yey! Victory over France, I could smell that with one nostril tied behind my back. 
 Life is about owning stuff. 
 Well, I can only speak for my self but yes, I am an imperialist. But who isn't; who doesn't want to own a slave... or a midget or two just for entertainment? 


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