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Against All Odds

General Information
Formation May , 2009
Country Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Region Singapore City
Colors Black and White/Red
Type Rapid Deployment
Total Soldiers Dedicated

Torchwood (or "TW") is a branch of the Singapore Armed Forces. It is dedicated to the defense of eSingaporean friends and allies. As a rapid deployment force Torchwood Agents leave the nation regularly. Torchwood is filled with active, dedicated soldiers who are willing to fight at a moments notice when given the order.

Torchwood Agents are often self sufficient hard working members of the eSingaporean community who view their dedication to Country above Self Interests.


In the end of April 2009, then Platoon Leader Relorian was asked by then President John Jay to help reform the military of Singapore.

May 2009 - Relorian conducted a poll of all the then active soldiers asking about if they were willing to deploy. When the results came in, it was clear that very few people in eSingapore were interested in Deployment overseas.

Project Spearhead was formed as a working solution to keep all the members of the Military who wished to deploy in the same unit. As the rest of the Military changed and was re-formed into a working Homeguard unit, Project Spearhead was also changing.

June 2009 - Project Spearhead became Torchwood.

September 2010 - Torchwood is officially shut down as a branch of the Singapore military.

September 2010 - Previous Torchwood Agents are allowed to continue to use Torchwood Avatar Frames if so desired.

Recruitment Information (Defunct)


In order to be considered for Torchwood, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Strength: 10
  • Rank: Lt or Above
  • Activity: High
  • Currently Enlisted in the Homeguard for a minimum of a Month.

The Recruitment Infomation is provided as a standing record of what the pre-V2 Torchwood standards were.