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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 25.08.2008
Day 279
Date of death End of 2014 (est)
Residence Lapland
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Tukezu69, previously known as Tuukka_Almighty, was political activist and media person who was born in Icon-Finland.png Finland. He was known from his angry and emotional articles. He moved to Icon-Singapore.png Singapore because of call of Tewion and Finland's political atmosphere. He stopped playing in 2010 but he started playing again when Finland had baby boom II and joined Finland's resistance force against Estonian's invasion.

Early Days

Tuukka_Almighty was born during the Great Wave of Finns in Norway occupied Eastern Finland. Before independence of Finland Tuukka_Almighty started showing his political anger and emotions in conversation about independence committee of Finland. Since that Tuukka_Almighty has been really angry to some citizens and his been shown some personal grudge towards LEP and PippeliPojat parties.

Political Activity

Political activity in Finland

Tuukka_Almighty has been Congress member for 5 times and 3 times as Party President (2 times in front of Red Jihad and 1 time in Sininen Puolue). His first action in politics was being publisher in Sovereign Finland party.

When Finland got liberated there were only couple parties. Tuukka decided to go in old and abandoned PTO party. That time Issakainen was Party president and together with Tuukka_Almighty created Sininen Puolue. Tuukka_Almighty got elected as second party president of Sininen Puolue. During his era Sininen Puolue party membership grew a lot, but it drained Tuukka's powers. After Party Presidency he started so called Political Vacation for sometime, until he with nanton created new party Red Jihad.

Once again there were one abandoned party and from the suggestion from his friend nanton, he decided to take over old Terra Firma-party. After the takeover he and nanton decided that RJ would be "free" party like LEP was. Then couple months passed and Tuukka_Almighty had to leave for some time because Finland's Fun-ministry voted him to leave from Finland.

After 3 months of inactivity Tuukka returned back to Red Jihad and back to politics. Once again, he got elected as Red Jihads Party president and many times as Red Jihads Congressman.

Political activity in Singapore

When Tuukka came to Singapore city because of his faith, he founded Tewionist Party of Singapore. After one Party Presidency, and month studying Singapore's manners and politics and soon he became congressman of Singapore.

Tuukka_Almighty also elected as Minister of advertising during era of Iron chancellor Erius. After Singapore he returned back to Finland and joined Sinivalkoinen Liitto.


Tukezu69 was a soldier of the White Lion Order.


Tuukka_Almighty made a video from “eNorway and 4000g scandal”.