UK Advancement Party

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UK Advancement Party

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation UKAP
Colors Red & Blue & White/Silver
Founded 16th November 2011
Dissolved Unknown
President eLiam
Vice President Ron Swanson
Members 21
Congress Occupancy 0 (0.00%)
Orientation Center-left
Ideology Libertarian
 Working towards a more advanced and equal future for the United Kingdom and its citizens. 
(UK Advancement Party)
 A party which is working for the benefit of the UK, both short and long term. 


The Big Bang

The party was created on the 16th of November 2011, eLiam had just become the party president of a political party which was at the national rank of 16th place, he knew that if the party was to succeed he must change the party to his political views and back them up completely, the party before the UK Advancement Party was soon to die with only two members in the party, both being inactive, it set the time for a new party and a new future.

First Steps

At first the party was small with only eLiam as party president and two inactive members, this was soon to change as the first design of the party was introduced and an introductory presentation was written and presented on the official forums of the eUK and in the media of the new world.

The first design of the UK Advancement Party looked amateur but the party needed something to run with as a design, this simple branding of the party along with the created awareness caused the party to gain a few active members and over the next couple of days the party began to flourish with its supporters and members base, continuing to raise awareness for itself, the party went from national rank 16 to national rank 8.

The party kept on raising awareness for itself and in December 2011, they released the second design of the party which was created by StrangeOrangePanda, who also later designed the third and final design of the party.

Towards the end of the first term for the party, it had moved up from national rank 16 to national rank 7, from two members to eighteen members.

Second Term

The second term for the party began with eLiam being re-elected as party president with seven votes, his first call to action was bringing to the table the third and final design of the UK Advancement Party which was in high demand for change ever since rumour spread of this new design idea, and so it was released, the design we see today.

The party has since been disbanded.

Party Officials

Current Party Officials
Liam Charlesworth.gif
Party President
Ron Swanson.jpg
Party Vice-President
Ron Swanson
UKAP Logo.jpg
Media and Public Relations Head
UKAP Logo.jpg
Fundraising and Finance Head
UKAP Logo.jpg
Head of Schemes
UKAP Logo.jpg
Election Head
UKAP Logo.jpg
Recruitment Head
UKAP Logo.jpg
Party Diplomat
UKAP Logo.jpg
Wiki Head(s)
UKAP Logo.jpg
Forum Head(s)

Party Schemes

The UK Advancement Party has a logo which represents a scheme set in place by the party itself.

UKAP Schemes Logo.gif

Party Related

UKAP Newspaper

The official UK Advancement Party newspaper known as 'The UKAP Post' is a newspaper for UK Advancement Party members as well as everyone else, with articles surrounding all sorts of topics in the new world, mainly political.

The newspaper is in place to share the UK Advancement Party's views more openly to others and to keep members updated.

UKAP Military Unit

The UK Advancement Party is currently being set to have its own military unit, the 40 gold cost is a bit of a stretch with certain budgets but fundraising may soon come into place to create the first and only official military unit for the party.

Party Constitution

Mission Statement

A party which works towards a more advanced future for the United Kingdom and its citizens.


All members are and always will be seen as equal, regardless of experience, past, present or future all citizens are treat equally and so they should be.


Each month members will be able to run against each other as candidates for the party presidency of the party, members will vote and decide who they want as the next party president. Upon the election of a new party president, he or she will be expected to have a cabinet of however many members he/she decides to have work beside her throughout their term(s). A Vice-President should also be chosen in case of an impeachment by the party or if they are inactive for any amount of time.


Any member may bring up the right to impeach the current party president, though 15% of the members are needed on agreeing with the impeachment for the voting to take place. Once 15% of the party have agreed they want to impeach the party president, a vote will then take place for impeaching him/her with a yes or no answer. The impeachment will be settled if at least 60% of the members vote and 75% of those want the impeachment to take place.

Party Independence

The party will always be independent when it comes to supporting a country president or managing congressional elections.

Their will be a poll for members to vote on for the candidates whom are running against each other in each country presidency elections, the candidate with the highest votes will be the one the party chooses to support, the party president will present the idea and the reasons of who they are supporting once a vote has been settled.

Party members can choose to run for congress in any region, if more members want to run in one region than allowed, a vote will come to place for who the party wishes to have in that region for congress, losing candidates may either not run for congress or choose another region.

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