United Kingdom Reform Party

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UK Reform Party

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation UKRP
Forum UKRP Forum
Colors Red, white and blue
Founded December 2007
President Madacaion
Vice President ace
Members 102
Congress Occupancy 5 (12.82%)
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian
UK Reform Party
  • Party President
  • Vice President
Thedark ace
  • Secretary General
  • Councillor
  • Spokesman
 Our goal in the United Kingdom is to constantly look for ways to improve country and community, in every aspect of Erepublik. We will never be satisfied with being the best, we will never stop looking for ways to improve. We shall push on, tirelessly, relentlessly, to ensure that the citizens of the United Kingdom are cared for, and have the ability to do as they choose. Today, Tomorrow, Together, the UKRP. 
(UK Reform Party)

The UK Reform Party is the oldest political party in the United Kingdom. It currently has 5 seats out of 38 in Congress, totaling 12.82%.

For a full history of the party please visit our History Page

For the full set of policies of the party please visit our Policies Page

Election Status

Icon position party president.gif Party President

Unknown Person.jpg Madacaion May 2014 - Present
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png Past Party Presidents December 2007 - Present

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

Bg-employee.gif Bg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gif 5 (12.82%)
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png Congress Members May 2014

Icon position country president.gif Country President

Unknown Person.jpg Sir Humphrey Appleby June 2014 - Present
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png Past Presidents December 2007 - Present


The UK Reform Party has always been a key part of the United Kingdom Government. It has shaped the country right from the very start and helped it prosper throughout the nations history, producing a significant amount of Presidents, Ministers and Congress Members.

15 out of the 65 Presidents of the UK have been a member of the UK Reform Party.

Congress Members

Icon - Congress.jpg Current UKRP Congress Members
Unknown Person.jpg Madacaion
Unknown Person.jpg Thedark ace
Citizen2766125.png Thomas765
Citizen1392748.jpg Lionbeard
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png ArgoFookYourself