USA-Japan War

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American-Japanese War
Map of American-Japanese War
Date 7 December 2009 –
Location Japan
Result ongoing
Flag-USA.jpg USA
Flag-EDEN.jpg EDEN
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-China.jpg China
Battles Fought 1 (USA 0 vs Japan 1)
Fights 55768 USA vs 16754 Japan, 42740 Russia, 608 Malaysia & 286 China
Total Fights 116156

The USA-Japan War, an ongoing conflict in Asia, started after the United States of America declared war on Japan and attacked Kyushu. The official reason the USA has given for the war is to remove Phoenix from Asia, especially from Heilongjiang, an original region of China which Hungary used to occupt. Kyushu is said to be a "bridge" to these Phoenix-occupied regions.

Some have said that the war is just revenge for when Japan allowed Indonesia to region swap Kyushu (which borders the USA) with them in the Great War of 2009, allowing them to attack California. However, the US President has at least publicly acknowledged that Japan was forced into this decision.

President Jewitt came under fire for running an election campaign on a promise to invade the United Kingdom (with a hard to read "fine print" that said it was all a joke), and then once in office, surprised everyone by declaring war against Japan. Calls for his impeachment soon were sounded.

In the battle at Kyushu, the Japanese emerged victorious.

Later on, Japan would simply hand Kyushu over to the Americans, which led to the EDEN invasion of Asia.

Battle for Kyushu

  • Link - Kyushu
  • Outcome - Region secured by Japan
  • Date Begun - Day 748, 7th of December 2009
  • Date Ended - Day 749, 8th of December 2009
  • Hero For Japan - BattalGazi (+41636)
  • Hero For USA - jankems (-41531)