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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 27
Date of birth October 9th 2009
Residence Flag-United Kingdom.jpg East Midlands
Sex Male
Political party Every Single One
Faith Bobloist
Newspaper The Headless Chicken
Member of Parliament of United Kingdom
November 26th 2011 – December 30th 2011
Party President of ESO
February 16th 2013 – March 16th 2013
Preceded by jamesw
Succeeded by Lightning43
Military unit The Legion
Rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War

Ullok (born day 698) is a British Party Member of Every Single One and a soldier in The Legion.

Early Life

Ullok was born in the East Midlands hospital in 2009 to no parents. After investigating the political and military halves of the game he chose to do what he thought best for the country no matter what and remained independant, voting as he saw fit and enlisting with the eRoyal Navy at five days old.

During his first few weeks of elife, when not deployed in various theatres of war around the globe during the later days WWIII, he returned to the streets of the East Midlands and continued to promote activity on the HMS Cutlass and East Midlands threads on the eUK forums. It was not until the dissolution of PEACE and what would become World War IV that he relocated to the nation's capital under a "Fortress London" campaign.

Early Career

It was during these early days that he started the organisation Hillcrest Incorporated (a Grain and Food company) that exclusively employed people new to erepublik. Every employee received messages containing various useful information, schemes, links and an unsustainable wage in an effort to help both the players and retention. This decision lead him to put every gold he earned into it, and he continued to do so until he bankrupted himself completely.

The Royal Navy

His military career however had a much more promising start, as it was not long before his forum activity and respectful, but tongue-in-cheek communiqués with Captain Lloydy Kelly earned him a promotion to replace the well liked and hard working Tom Morgan.

With the continuation of his hard work as a Lieutenant, when Lloydy Kelly left the Royal Navy to join the Royal Parachute Regiment, now Commodore Tom Morgan officially transferred captaincy of the ship he had stepped foot on for the first time just 44 days previously and tasked him with appointing a new Lieutenant to help him run it.

During his service eboard HMS Cutlass he found himself part of taskforces assigned to defend PEACE GC interests in North America and Asia before its collapse which signalled the end of World War III, part of the taskforce involved in the New England Campaign, deployed to Asia during the American Expansion, including Heilongjiang, and fielded in various battles on the European Front, including Germany and Belgium.

This experience and his work ethic saw him offered yet another promotion to Administrative Commodore, a task he took very seriously until reforms confused and silenced his superiors leaving him with only general fight orders and no access to Naval orgs, removing his ability to do his job. This lead to a decilne in his time spent on IRC, increasingly more lurking and less input on the forum, resulting in a summary dismissal without warning just prior to the release of V2.

Life After The Royal Navy

Civilian Life

Like most of the general public during V2, Ullok worked (as a Technician), studied and relaxed.


Ullok put all of the progress he had into the air unit skill, and later trained as an infantryman. In either case he used high quality weaponry on any battlefield the Ministry of Defence directed.

Post Rising

The 7th Armoured Division

Becoming increasingly active, Ullok applied to various branches of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, but heard back from none of them. After a couple weeks had passed an advertisment for a new militia being launched by Alfagrem caught his eye and after giving the latest of his applications a courtesy 36 hours to clear and hearing nothing, applied and was immediately inducted. The following day he was informed that his application to the RAF had been successful and later that a member of a militia couldn't also be a part of the UKAF. Honouring the commitment he made to the 7th, Ullok chose to remain where he was.

The close-nit "Desert Rats" struck from Germany to Brazil, often to liberate their regions, via IRC and his dedication to his cause once again shone through, earning him advancement in the 7th when he became the first, and last, Lieutenant of "Platoon Charlie".

The Home Office

Enjoying his time with the 7th led Ullok to once again become more proactive in his desire to better the eUK. The Ministry of Home Affairs seemed the logical place to do this and applied for the position of apprentice before an upcoming cabinet shift.

His first term he again worked tirelessly, discussing potential projects on the forum, whilst writing articles, designing graphics and mass-mailing for in-game. The following month he stayed on, but no matter of prodding seemed to get the new administration moving and a third month was not applied for.

The United Kingdom Worker's Party

When the 7th became officially linked with the newly founded UKWP, much to the outrage of the established political parties, Ullok did not join straight away. After gathering information about the people in it, what the party stood for and deliberating on it however he liked the radical, game-player based reforms on the agenda and saw it as a place he could distinguish himself.

This led to his failed attempt to be elected into Parliament in [April 2011], where he came fifth behind Jimbojoy(TUP), lap12345(UKRP), Vadigor (ESO) and his own Party President. The rising popularity of the UKWP led to the party being repeatedly PTO'd by other eUKers and Ullok never ran for Congress again under the UKWP banner.

The United Kingdom Special Forces

With the collapse of the 7th Armoured Division, he acted quickly and applied to the UKSF. This time his application was successfully completed inside of a day, and since that time he has fought as any good soldier which has earned him both his first Resistance Hero (for liberating Wales from Ireland on Day 1396) and Battle Hero (Day 1430) Awards in the Cano-Irish War.

Every Single One

After a while, wanting to get back into the political side of the game lead to Ullok, after investigating the current parties and political climate, joining ESO for their stance on new players and national politics being "more important than party politics". A second attempt to run for congress months after his failed first attempt bore no better results but in the November 2011 elections Ullok was finally voted into Parliament by the peoples of the East Midlands in November 2011 after a third try.

British Bulldogs

When the September 2012 reforms to the military were brought about by Prime Minister Magic Hereos and MoD Lionbeard, the schemes which had been tried and failed before, and contradicted his playstyle at the time left Ullok with little choice other than leaving the MU he had been a part of for over a year and a third. After investigating several of the new units that had sprung up over that time Ullok settled on joining the British Bulldogs.

The Legion

Ullok joined The Legion on Day 1856, just before the start of the CoTWO operation that resulted in the UK taking the Azores.

God of War

Ullok obtained the military rank God of War on day 1861 (Christmas eve 2012) during a resistance war in which Portugal liberated the Azores.

Level 50

On day 1,884 Ullok reached level 50 whilst fighting against the Canadian advance into Wales in response to the eUK attacking Norway. To celebrate he tanked 33,138,907 damage and received a BH.

Party President

On day 1,915 Ullok was voted in as Party President by the members of ESO with 75% of the vote.


Political Achievements
Congressional Terms
Presidential Terms

Political Service

Party President ESO Party President Day 1915 - Present
Ministry of Finance Underminister Day 1781 - 1811
Ministry of Home Affairs Underminister Day 1630 - 1659
Ministry of Home Affairs Apprentice Day 1568 - 1630
Member of Parliament ESO Member of Parliament Day 1467 - 1502
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Envoy Day 1457 - 1508
Ministry of Home Affairs Apprentice Day 1417 - 1508
Every Single One Party Member Day 1390 - Present
United Kingdom Worker's Party Party Member Day 1237 - 1284
Ministry of Home Affairs Apprentice Day 1234 - 1292


Military Achievements
Battle Hero Awards
Campaign Hero Awards
Resistance Hero Awards
Mercenary Medals
Military offices
Preceded by
Lieutenant Tom Morgan
Executive Officer, HMS Cutlass - Royal Navy Succeeded by
Lieutenant BarneyMonkeyMan
Preceded by
Commodore Tom Morgan
Commanding Officer, HMS Cutlass - Royal Navy Succeeded by
Captain DannySkudder
Preceded by
Staff Officer, Royal Navy Administration Command Team Succeeded by
New office
British Armed Forces Command expanded
to aid in distribution of supplies
Lieutenant, British Armed Forces Command Succeeded by

Military service

Praetorian Prt. The Legion Day 1860 - Present
Militiaman Mil. The Legion Day 1856 - 1860
Private Pvt. British Bulldogs Day 1759 - 1856
Private Pvt. British Expeditionary Force Day 1631 - 1759
Private Pvt. United Kingdom Special Forces Day 1508 - 1631
Lieutenant Lt. United Kingdom Special Forces Day 1424 - 1508
Private Pvt. United Kingdom Special Forces Day 1263 - 1424
Desert Rat Lt. 7th Armoured Division Day 1249 - 1262
Desert Rat Pvt. 7th Armoured Division Day 1224 - 1249
Commodore Staff Officer, Royal Navy Administration Command Team Day 771 - 955
Captain Cpt. HMS Cutlass Day 747 - 771
Lieutenant Lt. HMS Cutlass Day 729 - 747
Private Pvt. HMS Cutlass Day 703 - 729

Military Awards and Decorations

Royal NavyUnited Kingdom Special Forces
Gold award starTextured New RAF service.png
Gold award starTextured New Army service.png

Nordic Campaign MedalSecond Central European Campaign MedalSecond Asian Campaign MedalNew England Campaign Medal
Second Eastern European Campaign MedalGreat British Campaign MedalUK-Terra 5th Great War MedalSecond Invasion of Ireland Campaign Medal
Colonial Expansion Campaign Medal