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Unite the Union is the biggest Trade Union in the United Kingdom.

Description of the Union, written by the Union itself

The official Trade Unions were first set up in August by the People's Communist Party (PCP) government. Sadly, they were ineffective due lack of participation. At the PCP, we believe that unions can work, but it is necessary that the government is not involved. Trade Unions are a separate organisation from the government, and should have their own rights and movements.

Unite the Union is a reinvention of trade unions and we want as many people as possible to get involved. Everyday we hear of citizens who are underpaid and can barely afford to buy food, let alone weapons or save up for a house. This is where Unite the Union can help you; we strive for all citizens to have the right for a fair wage and working conditions.

If you feel that you’re getting paid a minimal amount of money and are struggling to survive, then you can contact your Union leader with that name of your Boss, and we’ll message him directly demanding satisfactory pay. If you are fired unjustly, then, once again, a representative from Unite the Union will fight your case and make sure you get your job back. We will do this in anyway possible, whether it is exposing harsh companies by way of articles, or advising other union workers to leave the harsh company, thus forcing the General manager to raise his standards.

We will also compile lists of trusted and suspected companies so when you are looking for a new job, you’ll know who to go to and who to avoid.

So if you’re interested in becoming part of something larger, which strives for social and economic equality, then sign up here.

And we'll get back to you as soon as possible

Stan Wephen,

President of Unite the Union

Hassan Pesaran,

Director of Unite the Union