United States Army High Command

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

United States Army High Command

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General Information
Disbanded February 29, 2010
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Region Florida
Colors Black, Green and Gold
Type General Infantry
Part of United States Military

The United States Army High Command was a branch that consisted of the Staff Departments of the United States Army. It was formed on February 12, 2010, by the order of NXNW, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an effort to split up the Army to find new areas for expansions and growth. The Army High Command was a main fighting force of the United States Military, representing one of the elite combat branches like the United States Marine Corps and United States Airborne, while maintaining a more intense training program, the Reception Battalion (RECBN). The Army High Command sprouted from the United States Army, which has one of the richest histories in the US Armed Forces and has seen much controversy throughout the many administrations. It was quickly disbanded by February 29, 2010, as an executive decision was made to split the staff departments and Rangers unit into their United States Army Group East and United States Army Group West counterparts.


Hadrian X was promoted to General of the United States Army after NXNW's promotion to CJCS. During this time, the Army began a restructuring movement and in ten days, the Joint Chiefs of Staff enacted order to split up the United States Army into three separate branches. Army Staff, which included all staff departments, the Reception Battalion (RECBN), and the Army Rangers Battalion became United States Army High Command, headed by Hadrian X and Mainegreen. The 1st, 5th, and 25th Divisions merged to become the United States Army Group West, headed by Jason the Great and bombonato. The 2nd, 4th, and 10th Division merged to become the United States Army Group East, headed by Aang Airbender and batterytime.

Past Generals and Lt. Generals

Name Executive Officer Deputy Executive Officer Length of Service
Hadrian X Mainegreen N/A February 12, 2010 - February 29, 2010

Structure of the United States Army High Command

Army and Division Command


Army High Command


Army HHC, also known as Army Staff, assisted the daily operations of the US Army in administrative, intelligence, operations, training, supply, and public affairs areas previously handled solely by the Commander of the Army and Army Executive Officer. Army HHC consisted of five departments, each with its area of expertise and operate under the Army Deputy Executive Officer.

Adjutant General Corps (S-1)


S-1/Adjutant General - maintained eUS Army Roster, including weekly check-ins from platoons, maintained an active record of all official Army documents and if necessary, updated and notified eUS Army soldiers of relevant changes.

The Adjutant made weekly updates to the Army XO, reflecting the latest staff and troop changes in strength, reflecting on recent damage rank promotions, strength increases, and battle readiness.

Army Security and Intelligence (S-2)


S-2/Intelligence and Security Officer - gathered intelligence from eUS military branches, allies, as well as enemy organizations/alliances. Acted as the administrate of the recruitment roster to streamline background check process.

The Intelligence/Security Officer and his assistants gathered military intelligence for the eUS Army. The S-2 also informed weekly the list of dishonorably discharged soldiers, and/or maintain the JCS Blacklist. The Intelligence and Security Officer performed background checks on new recruits before they were assigned units and performed routine unannounced background checks on current soldiers.

Training and Operations Corps (S-3)


S-3/Training and Recruitment Officer - supervised the screening of recruits in the Reception Battalion (RECBN) and lead recruiting efforts.

The Training and Recruitment Officer led the Drill Sergeants of the RECBN and supervised their work while making sure all recruits were properly screened and briefed prior to admittance into the Army. He created and maintained the training documents used in the RECBN. The Training and Recruitment Officer also launched recruitment drives, raising gold and publishing articles to promote the Army.

Quartermaster Corps (S-4)


S-4/Supply & Logistics Officer - Acted as an Army Quartermaster General. The S-4 Department handled the stockpiling and distribution of army supplies, which included, but was not limited to weapons and moving tickets.

The Supply and Logistics Officer maintained the eUS Army's finances and supplies. The S-4 made daily reports regarding weekly budgets, expected expenditures, and supply levels, and notified the Army CO and XO regarding any shortages of supply or funding.

It was also the Supply and Logistics Officer's responsibility to keep track of the quantities of supply sent to soldiers. It was the S-4's duty to ensure that the correct amount of supplies were sent to active eUS Army soldiers complying with orders and that supplies were not abused/resold.

Army Public Affairs Office (S-5)


S-5/Chief of Public Affairs - Acted as official spokesperson for the US Army, must not be politically biased, can be a congressman if necessary. The S-5 shall publish press releases for the US Army and shall publish appropriate newspaper/media articles on eRepublik and other media, including but not limited to, eUSForums, milforum, twitter, eRepublik Forums, eRepublik Wiki. The S-5 department shall operate the Army Public Affairs Office organization and maintain The Army Times newspaper.

Special Units

Army Rangers

The Army Rangers was originally part of the United States Army, founded in Knojerakk/NXNW/Jameson L. Tai's administration back in 2009 and headed by Tremaine. However, the unit was grandfathered over to the Army High Command, where currently it is headed by ProjectAce and Onishi.

Reception Battalion (RECBN)

The Reception Battalion was originally part of the United States Army to serve as a secondary training school for the United States Military, founded in Knojerakk/NXNW/Jameson L. Tai's administration back in 2009 and headed by Knojerakk himself when he retired as Chief of Staff of the United States Army. It was later headed by James Harding and then Kyler Lee Octan. The unit was grandfathered over to the Army High Command. It was later split between the Army Group West and the Army Group East with the rest of Army High Command.

Military Ranks and Positions of the United States Army High Command


Pay Grade E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8
Rank Insignia - United States - Private.svg Insignia - United States - Private First Class.png Insignia - United States - Specialist.png Insignia - United States - Corporal.svg Insignia - United States - Sergeant.svg Insignia - United States - Staff Sergeant.png Insignia - United States - First Sergeant.svg Insignia - United States - Sergeant Major.svg
Private Private First Class Specialist Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant First Sergeant Sergeant Major
Army Staff Positions - - - - - - - -
Army Command Positions RECBN Grad Experienced platoon soldier Veteran platoon soldier Senior platoon soldier New platoon XO/Drill Instructor/Ranger Experienced platoon XO/Drill Instructor Veteran platoon XO/Drill Instructor Senior platoon XO/Drill Instructor

Junior Officers

Pay Grade W-1 W-2 O-1 O-2
Abbreviation CSM WO 2LT 1LT
Rank Insignia - United States - Command Sergeant Major.png US-Army-WO1.png Insignia - United States - Second Lieutenant.svg Insignia - United States - First Lieutenant.svg
Command Segeant Major Warrant Officer 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
Army Staff Positions Division Staff Member Assistant Quartermaster - Public Affairs Officer
Army Command Positions - - New platoon CO/Section Assistant Veteran platoon CO/Section Assistant

Senior Officers

Pay Grade O-3 O-4 O-5 O-6 O-7 O-8 O-9 O-10
Rank Insignia - United States - Captain.svg Insignia - United States - Major.svg Insignia - United States - Lieutenant Colonel.svg Insignia - United States - Colonel.svg Insignia - United States - Brigadier General.svg Insignia - United States - Major General.svg Insignia - United States - Lieutenant General.svg Insignia - United States - General.svg
Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
Army Staff Positions Quartermaster General - - - - - - -
Army Command Positions New DXO/Section Assistant Veteran DXO/Section Commander New DCO/Section Commander Veteran DCO/Section Commander Command/Corps Commander Army XO Army CO

Military Decorations and Awards of the United States Army High Command

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