United States Home Guard

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United States Home Guard


General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA

The United States Home Guard was a Branch of the United States Armed Forces. It served as an option for those who wish to join the military but are unwilling or unable (due to political commitments) to deploy abroad. After being formed out of the old National Guard, the Home Guard was eventually renamed again to the United States National Guard.

Led by General qkoller and later General Jankems, the Home Guard was the last line in the defense of the American homeland. As the military's stay-at-home force, the HG did not deploy on foreign missions, although they did allow their soldiers leave to deploy in allied conflicts. Instead, the Home Guard kept themselves at a high state of readiness in preparation for any threat to American soil. The HG was the perfect place for congressmen or other citizens who could not deploy to foreign nations, but still wanted to proudly support their country through military service. In February 2010 during a Joint Chiefs of Staff structure reorganization, the National Guard was reinstated in place of the defunct Home Guard as a mobile military force with a dedicated domestic battalion for land-locked personnel while the rest of the branch is able to deploy overseas and participate in mobile strike operations.