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This is the list of ongoing projects:

Cleaning up the files

Main article: User:Andycro/Images

The idea is to get rid of 15000+ non-categorized files and 1300+ unused files by using the proper naming and categorization rules.

Easy as 1-2-3

This is THE project that combines 3 big projects with same purpose - to ease up the job of project leaders and project members to easily put and solve new tasks. Ignore red links on examples below, I am repairing it, but feel free to write your comment below.


The idea is to create better place for translators, combining country portals, translation bureau, project portals and wiki community portals with easily adding articles that should be updated on all languages and updates on certain languages.

Reviving Portals?

Do this has any place on our wiki? Country ones are unused and extremely hard to maintain. Will we implement them to Country pages? Can we create a small, compact portal which we could add to all country related articles? And if so, isn't that a template, not a portal... A lot of questions here, but clean up process is urgent. The only real portal now is the Main Page one which is currently also in "obsolete" status.

Reviving Wiki projects

Wiki project list

The idea is to revive 3 main projects. Other projects (90% country) will be removed as they will be merged with Portal:Translators OR created to combine information from the portal translators.


Reviewing all templates, making them easier to translated and to find them.