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CertaCito was born in South West England on 03.12.2007 (Day 13 of the New World).

He decided to give Erepublik a try out following his recording of a piece for Mobuzz.TV in Madrid about the same time as Alexis Bonté did a piece launching Erepublik.

After examining the available political parties, he quickly ascertained the UK Reform Party (UKRP) to be the 'best fit'. He was then recruited by Kaleb as a potential Congressional candidate in the February 2008 elections. Here he won a seat by a comfortable margin and so began a career as a professional politician.

CertaCito currently has at time of writing been elected to eUK Congress a total of FIFTEEN times and now holds the record for the longest unbroken period of elected congress service in the Erepublik New World.

In April 2009 he was selected as Party President of the UKRP following the dramatic election campaign and subsequent disappearence and resignation of Marcus Antonius Varias.