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The {{{Name}}} Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Chris Stanwick/Sandbox2 {{{President start}}}–
Vice President {{{Vice President}}} {{{Vice President start}}}–
Minister of Foreign Affairs {{{Minister of Foreign Affairs}}} {{{MoFA start}}}–
Minister of Finance {{{Minister of Finance}}} {{{MoF start}}}–
Minister of Defence {{{Minister of Defence}}} {{{MoD start}}}–
Minister of Home Affairs {{{Minister of Home Affairs}}} {{{MoHA start}}}–
Minister of Education {{{Minister of Education}}} {{{MoE start}}}–
Chief of Staff {{{Chief of Staff}}} {{{CoS start}}}–

The template is designed specifically for the administrations of Belgian country presidents or any country president using a similar Cabinet style.

An example of an administration table using the Belgian Cabinet template.

{{User:Chris Stanwick/Sandbox2
|President =
|President start =
|President end =
|Vice President =
|Vice President start =
|Vice President end =
|Foreign Affairs =
|Foreign Affairs start =
|Foreign Affairs end =
|Finance =
|Finance start =
|Finance end =
|Defence =
|Defence start =
|Defence end =
|Home Affairs =
|Home Affairs start =
|Home Affairs end =
|Education =
|Education start =
|Education end =
|Chief of Staff =
|Chief of Staff start =
|Chief of Staff end =
|Footnotes =