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Personal Overview/History


Having joined the game along with friends, Drake began his eRepublik career in the Netherlands. However, he soon tired of being unable to read the newspapers in that country and so chose to move home to the eUSA, and to Oklahoma in specific. He would later move to Florida in order to take advantage of the Quality 5 Hospital there during wartime.


Drake's major field of employment is in the manufacturing sector, where he is considered a highly skilled laborer. He has some experience working in Land based companies, but prefers menufacturing. For quite some time he has been employed by eUSA Star Co in their weapons company, though he spent several months in their moving tickets company prior to that. eUSA Star Co is a great employer and one that Drake has been quite happy to work for loyally.


Not one for political bickering nor scandal, Drake tends to distance himself from politics. He researches his vote, but refuses to take active participation in government beyond that. A soldier at heart, he dislikes the nature of politics.


Drake recently gained the rank of Colonel through his long experience in the eArmy, which gave him the opportunity to fight quite often. In addition to this, he recently surpassed 10 strength and gained his second Super Soldier medal.

As soon as he moved to the eUSA Drake contacted the eArmy, intending to join. After speaking with the eArmy's leadership he was placed as a Private in 2nd Squad of Echo Company in the 2nd Division. He found this to his liking, but wanted to go further. Having extensive experience in leading military units in other worlds, he sought promotion and soon became the squad leader of 3rd Squad (which later became 3rd Platoon) of Delta Company in the 2nd Division. He served under Captain goaly1323 there.

As the leadership of the eArmy changed, Cpt. goaly1323 was given a promotion and gained command of 2nd Division. He chose Drake to replace him, and so Drake left 3rd Platoon and became the new Captain of Delta Company. He continued in this role through the next series of conflicts: the eAmerican invsion of eFrance.

After the invasion failed the eArmy's high command was replaced, leading to a thorough reorganization. The eArmy was now organized by timezone, placing Drake in CENT. When this occured he also received quite a surprise. He'd been promoted, becoming one of the four original Colonels and commander of 2nd Army (CENT). He's still there to this day, along with his new XO, Major Headmistress Talia, helping to lead the forces of the eUSA aaginst her enemies in PEACE.