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Avataronian Ministry of Defence
Logo of Avataronian Ministry of Defence
Owners Emorfion and J.G.RR
Headquarters Flag-Pakistan.jpgPunjab
Founder Emorfion
Services Military managment of Avataronia
Colours tourquise, sky blue, deep blue and white

The Avataronian Ministry of Defence is the ministry that controls all the organizations, military units and officials that consern the defence of Flag-Avataronia.png Avataronia.


Military Forces

The Avataronian Ministry of Defence has one national defence force which is:
Avataronian Armed Forces.
The Avataronian Armed Forces has 5 divisions, all in the control of the Ministry:


The Avataronian Ministry of Defence is controling all the soldiers in the Avataronian Armed Forces. There are 6 positions that they aspecially monitor:

Military Structure

DefenceMinistry.png Minister of Defence
GeneralEnforcer.png General Enforcer
GeneralAirCommander.pngGeneral Commanders
Avataronian Air Force Avataronian Ground Offence Avataronian Citizen Force Avataronian Intelligance Agency Avataronian Pandorian Artillery Command


This is the list of Ministers that where in the Avataronian Ministry of Defence:

Name Picture Date of start and finish Name of the electing king
J.G.RR JGNEW.JPG November - present Emorfion