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Avataronian Pandorain Artillery Command


Kelku 'eko 'Rrta

General Information
Formation November 19th 2010
Country Flag-Avataronia.png Avataronia
Region all
Total Soldiers classifide
Commanded by General Artillary Commander - J.G.RR
Part of Avataronian Armed Forces

Tank 5.png The Avataronian Pandorian Artillery Command (or APAC) is an artillary devision of the Avataronian Armed Forces, created by the Avataronian King - Emorfion, on day 1,095 of the "New World", or November 19th 2010, also the day of eRepublik Anniversery.

The logo of the AIA is built from 1 thing:

  • Head of the prime Ikran - Representing the connection to Pandora.


The motto of the devision is Kelku 'eko 'Rrta which means Home against Earth.

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