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Owner of Quality-Co

Quality-Co was founded as a company resale organization. It specializes in Q1 RM companies located in High productivity regions. It's goal is to help new players find quality companies to purchase, improve overall market liquidity and make a small profit for it's founder.

General Political Thoughts

  • Low VAT on food(necessity item)
  • Income tax based on industry size and desired growth, to 15% max
  • No Vat on DS's and Hospitals(government purchased)
  • Contract based stockpiling of weapons(Weapon companies bid on contracts, avoids accusations of socialism/favoritism)
  • DS and Hospital purchases are likewise open for bidding


I was born in the sunny state of Florida. By the grace of admin and Benn, a Q5 hospital was soon placed there. Started speculating on the monetary market after reading an article about it. With the outbreak of war I was able to fight and heal from home.

As it was dying down I decided to relocate to South Korea where it was less crowded and more interesting. Joining The Party was an eye opener for me. They are an extremely well organized and intelligent group.

The Party was sadly brought down by a combination of bugs and an election bomb at the same time as the congressional elections. I was fortunate enough to be elected but sadly many of my fellow members were not. The Party was sadly forced to close bringing an end to the worker's paradise South Koreans had enjoyed. It seems unlikely that it will ever be able to reclaim its former glory with the loss of several of its strongest members.

I was a foreign worker in Iran, solely for the high wages(valued in gold) offered there. I have some personal political plans elsewhere that currently need to be kept secret, but will post on them after they are successful.

Currently working on establishing organizations around the world. The main idea is to create them in countries that frequently have cheap products and then donate them to myself. Over time the money saved on moving tickets and other bonuses of having them will repay the initial costs. I'm keeping one organization as a mobile unit until the entire network is created.

Went and voted myself in today and I'm an elected party president in the Netherlands. I'm a one man takeover squad :) Since there are tons of 1 member parties out there, it doesn't look like there's any reason not to go for the position. No animals, fish, or people were harmed in this, the person I took over from died while in office(I even prolonged his life) leaving me with my shiny new party.

As PP I took the opportunity to take screen shots for use on the wiki, to help fill out the party articles.

Took over another party in Norway. Not quite as smooth since someone else joined but I can still say there is a party named after me :)

Returned to SK for the congressional elections. Even after announcing my intentions ahead of time, I had some upset when I created joke proposals to help congress gain experience. Thankfully, Yonai came to my aid and it seems to have blown over.

If anyone ever has any questions for me, feel free to PM.