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Erepublik Logo v1.jpg Prerequisites

Have enough money to support your company. A minimum amount would be 25 Gold though more would be required depending on the industry. It is highly recommended to create an Organization. An organization will allow you to continue working, paying for itself in a month after you get the Hard Worker medal.


Icon adv uploadpic.png Investigating a market

To be successful you must fully understand the market you are getting into. Preferably this would be the field you already work for. Talk with current General Managers in the field see what they suggest and amass information on the industry. Wages, product prices, and taxes are all important factors to consider. Note: It is highly recommended that new General Managers avoid the Hospital and Defense System industries as these require extensive capital and time to become profitable.

Icon adv idle.png To Purchase or Create?

Now you need to decide whether or not you want to create or purchase your first company. If you are creating it outright you must be in the region you want to create the company in. If you are purchasing it from the Companies for sale Market for raw material companies you need to check that it is located in a high productivity region.

Icon general manager.gif Sales

Price according to the amount the product has cost you to make plus the amount of profit you want. Depending on the industry it may be better to stockpile for higher demand periods.

Icon-adv-work.png Production

Productivity affects how many products your workers are creating. Keep your number of employees as close as possible to the recommended employees for your industry. For Manufacturing and Construction companies purchase raw material based on its price divided by its quality level. Your company can use any quality level raw material.

Icon-adv-work.png Employee Management

For hiring base wages upon what you expect to make minus cost and a profit for yourself. It is recommended a company welcome letter is sent to new employees letting them know of your expectations and any benefits of good performance. Depending on the wellness of the worker it may be necessary to ask or help the employee to improve their wellness or fire them.

Icon adv idle.png Taxes

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

Unless its eRepublik...