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HeRmEs 82 born in Gen 19 2012

Very active player in the political life of the country, covering many times the post of party president and seven times member of Congress. Militates in larger MU Italian. He began his military experience in Tanks for life, among the first private Italian military units, where it gets to be general of MU. After the experience in T4L stay a good time in Elite Italiana where he continues to learn military tactics. After a brief stint in the BPJ decided to open himself a military unit: -MORA-. Unfortunately the project fail because the player TitanDC stole the MU and its values to make a personally MU. From the ashes of MORA born -DIRA-, the MU stronger in Italy when HeRmEs82 it's the commander ... In January 2015 he was elected by a large majority Italian CP, and many times is used as MoD.