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"I'm not living in clouds, they are too low for me, I'm striving to the stars!"

"Navik on živi ki zgine pošteno!" [The one who dies honestly, lives forever!]

"Is it possible, Almighty Creator, that such injustice oppresses your country?" by Fran Krsto Frankopan [^]

eJournalist of READeR-USeR-LINKeR Newspapers Leader of Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion.

Honneur et Fidélité | Honour and Fidelity [ ]

Congress member in eEgypt eEgypt Government Official: Advisor to Presidents: Heboo, Varlosh, Pitlja666; Minister of Information [1st and 2nd Heboo term, 1st Varlosh Term]; Minister of Information & Communication Technology of eEgypt x1 [2nd Varlosh Term]; Minister of Economic Development of eEgypt [Pitlja666 Term]