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General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Region California
Type Rapid Deployment Paratroopers
Part of Department of Defense

The United States Airborne Corps ("USAB" or Airborne) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces that serves as a fast-response group of soldiers dedicated to serving the interests of the United States of America both at home and abroad. The Airborne branch of the eUS military is younger than other branches of the United States Armed Forces, having been formed in May 2009.

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gifCommand

XVIII Airborne Corps Command Insignia

XVIII Airborne Corps

The official name of the Airborne's High Command, the XVIII Airborne Corps "Sky Dragons" is the structure which keeps the branch alive and the blood pumping. Within the XVIII Airborne Corps is the Quarter Master General's Office (QMG), which is the chief logistical body of the Airborne. The QMG is operated independent of any specific branch, and has offices within the branches for micro-distribution. The XVIII Airborne Corps is renowned for quick deployment, secretive attacks on hostile targets, and thorough discipline within the ranks and command structure.

The XVIII Airborne Corps High Command is headed by General Channing and Lieutenant General Squall "Gabe" 90.

Logistics & Infrastructure

Quartermaster General's Office Insignia

The Quartermaster General's (QMG) Office is the primary logistical outlet of the Airborne. It is tasked with supplying and outfitting personnel with the appropriate gear and weapons for warfare to complete missions in quick and due time. It spans a large assortment of branch-owned companies, financial assets within the structure, and other business and production related elements.

Under its administrative jurisdiction is a full compliment of companies which produce rifles, tanks, helicopters, and artillery. To compliment this, iron mines also are under their management.

As side projects, an assorted array of Moving ticket, Housing and Oil establishments compliment the war-based efficiency factories.

It is headed by Lieutenant Colonel James Strife, as Quartermaster General, and Major Eat More Bacon, as Quartermaster Executive Officer.

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gifDivisions

The Airborne's structure is composed of three very unique divisions, all known for producing a certain group of individuals and fulfilling their mission in different aspects.

The 11th Division

Commonly nicknamed "Angels," the 11th Division is the newest of the divisions in the Airborne. Despite it being the youngest and least battle worn, it boasts no cleaner a record than its older siblings. Formed on the 19th of December, 2009, the 11th saw action in the battles of the War for the Three Pillars, where the USA led an offensive into the continent of Asia to bring down the high iron regions of Liaoning (Iran), Karnataka (Indonesia), and Heilongjiang (Hungary). These bloody battles and the following war to be fought in Europe would cement the 11st into history alongside her sister divisions.

The 11th Division consists of four platoons which command ten troops each, including a Lieutenant and possible Sergeant. It is currently commanded by Colonel Apnea and Lieutenant Colonel Akkarin.

The 82nd Division

One of the original two divisions of the Airborne, the 82nd is ironically referred to as the "All-American" and has produced the majority of the standing commanding officers throughout the entire Airborne. It was assembled at the formation of the Airborne and has fought in every battle since. Its most notable battles include the decisive victories of Central Greece and California alongside her twin division, the 101st. The "All American" division's current commanding officer and executive officer, oddly enough, are ex-patriots of South Africa.

The 82nd Division consists of four platoons which command ten troops each, including a Lieutenant and possible Sergeant. It is currently commanded by Colonel Krimpiekat and Lieutenant Colonel Dreamer_KF.

The 101st Division

Referred to as the "Screamin' Eagles," this division is often remembered from the movie Band of Brothers. It, like the 82nd Division, is one of the two oldest divisions of the Airborne and has participated in every battle since its formation. Despite the 82nd being given the credit for producing many commanding officers within the branch, Presidents Emerick, Gaius Julius, Josh Frost, and Jewitt have all been soldiers within the 101st.

The 101st Division consists of four platoons which command ten troops each, including a Lieutenant and possible Sergeant. It is currently commanded by Colonel William T. Mountain and Staff Sergeant WahooBob.

Wellness-icon-travel.gifMajor Deployments

The Airborne, being a mostly fast-acting deploying force, has seen its most glorious combat experience via overseas battles. By flying in at the last minute to deal deathly blows behind enemy lines, the Airborne has oftentimes been nicknamed "Death from Above." Their last-minute attacks to bring decisive victory also have awarded them praise from the Croatian and Greek governments exclusively.

Wellness-icon-fight.gifDomestic Combat

For more information, see the Invasion of North America.

Unfortunately, wars have been fought to defend United States soil. In the wars and battles that resulted for the individual territories, the Airborne was always prevalent in its battles and was a omnipotent force to be reckoned with during campaigns.

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Wellness-icon-gift.gifGlorious Commendations

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gifCulture & Society


Lt. Colonel Channing showing his USAB uniform to spectators

Personnel of the USAB almost always have the officially-recognized uniform of the United States Airborne as their display picture, or avatar. Many often carry in their signatures on local and military-specific forums their Service Ribbon or Officer's Ribbon depending on their rank and involvement in the branch. The gross majority proudly boast their Campaign Awards based on their active service and duties during deployments and extensive operations.

The officially-recognized uniform of the USAB includes the standard uniform of the United States Armed Forces, a frame around the avatar which boasts seventeen stars (Why seventeen? We'll never know) with the insignia of the military branch in the lower right hand corner. The center of the standardized uniform is left empty to allow for personalized customization which has been used rather extensively by servicemen and women. For the Airborne, the Screaming Eagle insignia is in the lower right hand, very rarely replaced by the badge of specific Airborne Divisions. It is quite noticeable on the battle page, and is often symbolic of the beginning of major firepower being laid down by the United States Armed Forces in coordinated attacks.


The Airborne has been host and founder of many memes throughout the eRepublik world. Of them, are included the "Our Jews Rock" and "REAL Phoenix" images. Many of these jokes and phrases have transfered to other branches of the United States Armed Forces, such as the reference to the Airborne as "Meatbombs," now a nickname from the branch Mobile Infantry.

Other phrases, such as referring to the Marine Corps as the "YMCA," or referring to trolling persons from the United Kingdom informally as "Britfags," have been used extensively by the entire popular culture of the United States.

Making Internet Relay Chat (IRC) use mandatory is a trait of the USAB that was adopted before it became standard from the United States Training Corps. The Airborne, under the command of General TheSpartan, revolutionized how the United States Armed Forces conducted mass attacks on IRC. During these mass attacks, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would order the various divisions to their targets and times to hit as a single unit. During one such battle, General TheSpartan jokingly told all USAB personnel to change their IRC nicknames to include [AB] at the beginning of their nicknames as a sort of identification tag. To this day, it is now considered standard practice for all branches to do this for their respective units during these attacks.