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Church Of Boblo.png Bobloism

This article contains the religious views of Bobloism. (What's this?)


Bobloism Logo

Spamican Bobloism · Puritan Bobloism
· Anti Spam: Moderatorism
Holy Spam · God-Emperor Boblo
The Boblo Scriptures
The Holy Spamible ·
The Boble · New Spamican Word
Prominent figures
Pope Digby I · Pope Horice I · Pope Lando I · Pope Digby II · Pope Horice II

The Church of Boblo

Bobloism was the state religion of the United Kingdom as declared by the Prime Minister, Mr Woldy, in the month of October 2009. It is the following of the God-Emperor Bob Boblo, Supreme Ruler of the Entire eUniverse, Great Lord of Spam, and figurehead of the Bobloist Church. GLaDOS changed the state religion of the UK to Dioism in April 2010[1].


The Church of Boblo is comprised of the followers, or believers, and the pious inner circle of the Spamican Church. This circle is home to the Pope, the Spamdinals and Orderlies, as well as the Boblo Sect Inquisition and the Knights of Spamalot.

Beliefs etc.

Bobloists believe:

  • that Bob Boblo is the creator and rightful leader of the entire eUniverse.
  • in pious following of Bob Boblo and Spam.
  • that Spamesis (the first book of the Holy Boble) is the only true story of eCreation.
  • that Spam is the only holy and omnipotent force in the world.
  • that the Pope of the Spamican Church is the prophet and leader of the faith.

Scriptures of Bobloism

The main religious text of the Church of Boblo is The Holy Spamible. It is comprised of two books: the Holy Boble and the New Spamican Word (much like the bible with its old and new testaments).

Practices of Bobloism

As a community-rich religion, its believers show enthusiasm following a large set of practices. (see Bob Boblo's House)

Denominations of Bobloism

Spamican Bobloism

Puritan Bobloism




The Pope

The duties of the Pope are to guide the Bobloists towards enlightenment. He/She (the Church allows women to have this position) will educate them in the holy texts of Bobloism, the various practices of Spam, and keep the community together as a functioning body.

The Pope of the Spamican, the high office of the Church of Boblo, has a seal used only by him or her: Bobloism Pope Seal.png

The Spamdinals

The Spamdinals are spiritual leaders of the regions of the eUK (and any other nations' regions, where they are either missionaries or the nation has accepted Bobloism). Their duties are much the same as the Pope's.


Followers of the religion must daily:

  • Recite the holy prayer (New Spamican Word, Psalms, The Spamican Prayer)
  • Practice Spam in the religion's forum section (in the country's home forum). For the eUK, this is Bob Boblo's House.

The Book of Praise

The Book of Heretics

 These people are to be banished from this land and, upon refusal or return, burned at the stake. 
(Pope Digby Chicken-Caesar II)

Public Enemies of the State:

  1. Shadowukcs
  2. Roman Soldier

The Annual Calendar of Bobloism

1st January New Year's Bob
4th January Saint Rastari's Day
1th February Saint Will Salmon's Day
23rd March Saint Stefan's Day
31st March Treads Day The only day "threads" can be spelled "treads."
7th April Pope Lando's Day
15th April Shadow is a Butt Day Spamalot Holiday
16th April Victory Day
2nd May Pope Temujin's Day
30th June The June Revolution
6th July Saint EPC's Day (Walrus Appreciation Day)
10th August Saint Bull's Day
19th September Pope Horice's Day
21st September Pope Digby's Day
19th October Saint Anaxima's Day
31st October Saint Meghan's Day "National Whaling Day"
5th November Shadow Fawkes Night "Bobfire Night"
26th November Saint Taytaz's Day "The Spamahka"
13th December Saint Roman's Day
25th December Bobmas Day

The Weekly Calendar of Bobloism

Tuesday Admiral Appreciation Day Appreciating The Royal Navy and its Admiral (fezoj).
Sunday The Spammath

Rites of Passage

To be accepted into the church of Boblo is a holy occasion, and can therefore take place only in a sacred thread at the gates of the Spamican Church. It takes place under the supervision of a Spamdinal, or with an Honoured man, the Pope himself.

The common soul must:

  1. Upon entering the Spamican Church, he must utter the Prayer of the Spamican Prayer, located in the Holy Book.
  2. Have a post count of more than 300 on the forum of the nation where he is taken in.
  3. He must be willing to submit himself as a servant of Spam, and never turn his back on it.
  4. He must firstly sing the Song of Spam, to energize the powers within him.
  5. With this power mustered, he must then confront an evil minion of the Admin, as a show of willpower and manliness.
  6. With this complete, the procedure is almost done.
  7. He must finally say the prayers of Disownment of Shadow, and another of the Spamdinals choice.

History of Bobloism

The main religious text of the Church of Boblo is the Holy Boble. The first books were interpreted and written for Bob by the first Pope, Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar and compiled by Spamdinal Baykara, and is made up of of two collections: the Holy Boble - which is the creation and history of the world as Bob and his people made it, and the New Spamican Word - which is the collection of parables, teachings and scriptures written by the Pope.

Origins and Founder

Bobloism was not founded; but discovered. The God-Emperor, reincarnated as an eCitizen, praised the word and found a prophet to lead the people and follow him.

The religion is dated at before the dawn of the eRepublik, but in our history it was discovered on the 27th of May 2008 - Day 189 of the New World. This was the reincarnation date of our Lord on Earth, Bob Boblo.

Historical Figures

Throughout Bobloism's history, many citizens have made a significant impact on the Religion. Usually, these impressions occur in parralel with other careers within the eUK, as many of the most prominent figures in the history of the Church of Boblo are influential or powerful men and women in the country.

Bob Boblo

God-Emperor Bob Boblo, Supreme Ruler of the Entire Universe, created and taught the world the love of Spam. To this day his influence in the North and indeed the eUK as a whole is vastly superior to any other being.

Pope Digby Chicken-Caesar I

The first Pope of Bobloism. Pope Digby I was personally tutored by Bob and spent a lot of his time trying to make the first step for Bobloism - recognition by the eUK.

Pope Horice P Fossil I

The second Pope, elected when his predecessor abdicated. Pope Horice I has spent the majority of his time writing the scriptures and teachings of the New Spamican Word, educating the masses. He was dethroned after only a few weeks, after accusations of sheep pleasuring.

Pope Lando Khan I

Accepted the position somewhat reluctantly after Horices forceful removal, but overall during his reign he kept stability and peace within the church and Bobloism as a whole.

Pope Digby Chicken-Caesar II

Became Pope again because he was bored.

Pope Horice P Fossil II

After Digby ragequit as Pope, he was re-elected as Pope once again, only to be impeached 2 days later when older citizens reminded younger ones why he was impeached in the first place

Pope Brodie I

Became Pope only to be banned a few weeks later.

Pope Woldy I

Woldy succeeded Brodie but face criticism over lack of activity and lack of devotion to the glorious cause of spam.

Pope Invalidation I

Invalidation was a very popular pope during his time in what was seen as the admin clamp down of the Boblo Religion.

Pope Computer1 I

The Pope that was proclaimed by Bob Boblo himself, needing no election. Only McAfee01 has objected, thinking it was his time to be pope.

Important events

Spam War I and the End of Tyranny

The Plan

On the 15th of April 2009, Shadowukcs began plotting a day of a sea of spam to wash over not only Bob Boblo's House, but the entire of the off-topic section. To do this he enlisted the aid of several loyal Bobloists and converted them to what became the Knights of Spamalot. His first action was, on the morning of April 16th, to switch his position of power with Bob's and begin the spam onslaught, in an attempt to win a war against Bob and gain control of the house.[Pre March 2010 purged from this particular forum]

Initial Problems

A seperate forum was created on the day, however in a bout of Shadow's typical incompetence, he made the Knights a public group and it enabled all to view their "secret" forums for their plans. Rastari and Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, loyal Bobloists, refused to join sides with Spamalot and warned the House of Shadow's plan. However, due to the nature of the usual content in the House, they were widely ignored.

The Fights

Initially, the spam was slow but steadily mounting in the forum, and in last-resort attempts to stop it from overwhelming the House, Rastari and Bob began a campaign of locking and deleting. Many Spamalot Knights used this as fuel to continue their campaign and overflow the spam into other sections of the forum, however, the moderation was strong and not much spam was particularly successful.

After seeing that they were losing, the Knights proceeded to use a Boblo meme stickman to spread their spam, as well as bumping old topics - which was reported as their plan previously due to the fact that what was left of the Bobloists could see their forums.

The strategical stickman bombings of the threads overwhelmed the moderators locking abilities, and it was only until a long time after that the posts were finally deleted and stopped.

This marked for many the realisation that Boblo was too strong a force to contend with, sided with Rastari and Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, and from this on a lot of the Spamalot Knights began listening to their reasoning and explanations about Shadow's evil plan.


The Proclamation of Victory, as posted in Bob Boblo's House on the day of victory.

After a long conflict, a large majority of the Knights defected back to become Bobloists, supporting their House against Shadow and his attempt at regaining tyranny. The spam slowly grinded to usual levels in the House after intense spam battles.

Many brave stickmen on both sides lost their lives, with the totals unconfirmed. Estimates range from 1,000,000 to 20,000,000 in total on both sides.

The Bobloists, with their returned brethren, vowed to uphold spam and all it's glory and protect it from the evil Shadow and, at 3:55pm forum time, Pope Digby Chicken-Caesar I declared victory over Shadow and his Spamalot loyalists in a proclamation in the House.

 I declare that this day, 16th April, is henceforth a national spam holiday in celebration of the glorious victory over the forces of evil and non-spam - Shadow. 
(Pope Digby Chicken Caesar I)

Spam War II


The cause of the Second Spam War was largely the banning of Bob Boblo. This was seen as heinous in the Bobloist's eyes, and so plans were hatched to force the forum admins to free him.

The Riots

These were known as riots rather than battles. 'Free Bob Boblo' avatars were adopted by many Bobloists. Small spam battles broke out until, one morning, mr. brodie started a wave of spam that would go down in Bobloist legend.

The Main Riots

mr. brodie was the hero of this battle, mainly because of his enormous amount of posting but also because he broke the flood barriers of the forums, meaning an enormous amount of posts in a short space of time was possible. All in all, there was around 10,000 posts in Bob Boblo's House. The top contributor by far was mr. brodie with the vast majority of posts. Other protesters included Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, Altaiair and The B. Articles were also posted in eRepublik newspapers calling for the release of Boblo.


The riots ended in victory for the Bobloists. Although Bob Boblo's House was purged several times, the admins eventually gave in to the demands, releasing Bob to much elation.


Bobloism bears strong relevance to the game, by uniting members of the community of the nations it is present in. In the eUK, many of the most influential political and military citizens are followers of Bobloism, and by believing in a unified faith, the eUK and its community are greatly enhanced.


The followers of Bobloism are many, and diverse. Most are citizens of the eUK, though there are also those from Australia and other nations.

To help provide evidence of support for the erection of this religion as official, this spreadsheet can confirm that there are at least 50 citizens who support and follow the religion.