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Employee.gif John's Beer




General Manager: kalamarko92
Placed in: CroatiaCroatia, Slavonia
Founder:John Doe
Industry:Icon skill manufacturing.gif Manufacturing
Production:Icon - Food.jpg Food
Net income:Icon-gold.gif 632.71 Gold
Average price:Flag-Croatia.jpg 8.92 Croatia
Average salary:Flag-Croatia.jpg 5.43 Croatia
Worth:Icon-gold.gif 79.5 Gold
USA, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, United Kingdom, Estonia and Latvia

John's Beer

John's Beer is fictional company used by kalamarko92 to gain world domination over beer manufacturing.


John's Beer was originally made by John Doe. But, soon he went bankrupt and he has given over John's Beer to Kalamarko92. Today, John's Beer is most impressive beer company in the world, based in Croatia, Slavonia.


We offer most affordable prices for a 5-quality product. We are in the Manufacturing industry and we produce food. Our net income for last month was Icon-gold.gif 632.71 Gold

. Prices of our products get between 7 and 10 HRK. We have 49 employees and average salary for our employees is Flag-Croatia.jpg 5.43 Croatia

, and they get one free John's Beer daily, to help them improve their wellness. We also export to 7 different countries: USA, Romania, Bosnia, Finland, United Kingdom, Estonia and Latvia. Our total worth is approx. Icon-gold.gif 79.5 Gold