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Kush is a citizen born and raised in Brazil. He began political history in the party ARES (now defunct), then passed the PERSONA, which served as President Party, Congressman, Counselor and administrator. After a break in the party, decided to found the Freemasons BR together with three other players, instituting a roleplay. This project was a long layoff until a new batch of players coming from the PERSONA decided to proceed. However, the Freemasons took new face and kept covenant with PERSONA, which was not expected, being considered including the merger between the two parties. Considering that this was not the initial interest, Kush left the Freemasons BR and joined the party ODIN, postulating private forum access and ascending to this shortly after. The admission to this party gave new life and breath to the player, who was converted to Dioism, created interest in international relations and Norse mythology.