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Religion Name: Chaos Theory

Short Introduction: Chaos Theory is the state religion of no eRepublik nation. It is a philosophy of being reborn through the relief of one’s own mistakes, knowing that nothing is as more thrilling then knowing you have no control over future events that you decide.

Beliefs: The religion believes in the Theory of Chaos, or the very notion of ambiguous outcomes through expressing no self control over one’s own outcome. The Theory of Chaos has no written testimony of substance, for it is believed that the present reality was constructed by the very doubt of its own making.

Common Creeds include: “Believe nothing and trust no one” “No possible outcome can be ascertained through questioning the motivation of your decision” “Do as you wish, but always remember no one has the last laugh”

Worship: The religion does not practice the belief of one divine being, but that through self quantification of one’s own potential fate, one may rest within the very reaches of future realities after death.