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MUFC92 is eRepublik citizen since 2009. He was playing eRepublik with another account and then stopped during v2 boycot of eRepublik. MUFC92 started his career as member of "Vatreni Gušteri", after he became too strong for VG he decided to join "Windriders". MUFC92 was always interested in politics and current situation in eCroatia in that time wasn't good for him so he decided to establish new party named Krug 13. Krug 13 is fighting for honesty and justice in game, we are fighting against using multies and cheating in game. MUFC92 becamed vMinister of Informations in eCroatian, soon after that he became Minister of Education, he was very active since then. After he got bored with eCroatia he decided to join eIreland, first he joined Irish Citizen Army, soon after that he became Commander of Irish Army, Irish state-MU and done really great job there, he raised activity from 10 to 45 soldiers, incresed supplies given to those soldiers and started many other projects. Soon after that he became part of EDEN HQ. MUFC92 wanted to give his best for eIreland so he founded most active party in eIreland called Irish Progressive Party, on first congress elections IPP won 41% of congress and became winners of elections, soon after that MUFC92 was candidate on elections for Country President of eIreland and won.