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Spadist Triangle.JPG Spadism

This article contains the religious views of Spadism. (What's this?)

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This is an alternate version of Template:Fictional, which is a fictional content template. It is specifically used for marking fictional articles that have lots of references to Spadism and Leabhar na Fírinne.

Any user reading an article tagged with this template should take into consideration that the article pertains to the religious views of Spadism, and not the views of the New World as a whole. Therefore, the page is biased in favor of Spadism and Ace of Spades.



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Spadism is a monotheistic religion based around the death and resurrection of the Ace of Spades. It shares many teachings with Lidoxa, as Ace was resurrected just the same as Phaedrus Lidox.

The faithful of Spadism, called Spadists (5 of them as of Day 710), believe that the death of Ace in June 2009 and his subsequent resurrection in October is a clear demonstration of his status as a deity.


Spadism has its basis in the teachings of Lidoxa as well as its own philosophy developed around the life and teachings of Ace. These teachings are recorded in Leabhar na Fírinne.

The Ether

The Ether, in Spadism, is the infinite energy field that created Ace at birth. This is similar to Greylight in Lidoxa, as well as the story of Dio Brando's creation as taught in Dioism. Spadism teaches that all of Ace's power in this realm emanates from the Ether and that he is an agent of the Ether tasked with bringing its message to the New World. The Ether itself is worshipped as a deity in Spadism, unlike Lidoxa'a Greylight, and is thought to be embodied in Mike Schmittson, whose otherworldly influence over Ace's soul caused his resurrection. Unlike Lidoxa, wherein Phaedrus Lidox is worshipped as a deity, Ace is regarded as more of a Messiah or Prophet of a greater entity.



The Ether, much like the ether of ancient/medieval astronomy, is outside the known universe, and therefore is not subject to gravity. As such, the gravity-less Ether represents Balance, as gravity is a means of disturbing balance. As with Lidoxa's Greylight, the Ether is thought to be a gray mist, as gray is a balanced tone between the extremes of black—the absence of color and light—and white, the totality of color and light. Spadists strive to achieve Balance by practicing moderation in all aspects of their life, from daily tasks to relationships.


Purity is the Ether's infinite cleanliness; ether is made of clean water, not dirt. It does not waver from its pure ethereal continuum. This consistency is a trait valued by Spadists.

Ace himself represents two additional Pillars, namely Wisdom and Truth.


Spadists consider Ace to be close to, but not quite, all-knowing and all-wise; however, the Ether is considered to be both these things. Actions made by Ace are irrevocably considered anchors of the Spadist faith. For example, balance is a virtue held dear by Spadists due to Ace's wise attempt to balance his three skill levels.


Ace is also a symbol of Truth. He cannot contradict himself and any contradiction he is perceived to make is accepted as humanity's inability to truly understand the word of Ace.


Spadism views Dioism and its members as heretics and believers in a false faith. Spadist teachings hold that the Ether created the universe, and therefore believe that Dio Brando could not possibly be a deity. Whether or not he is a mere mortal is a topic of debate: some believe he is simply a man with a large cult of personality; others believe he is more of a demonic figure, bent on deviating others from the truth.


Daily worship in Spadism is a simple matter. At noon local time, Spadists sit on folded legs, place the palms of their hands together, and chant "Ether, guide me to your will" six times.

More conventional worship is practiced at Spadist Basilicae, where Spadists congregate to chant the Ethereal Precation. Basilican attendance is required at least once every three months, however, Spadist clerics (priests/monks) often attend Basilican services once every month, or even more frequently. The Ethereal Precation is as follows:

 Guide us, O Ether. Instruct us, O Ether. Guard us, O Ether. Keep us in your Balance. Keep us in your Purity. Keep us in your Wisdom and Truth. Humble us. Enlighten us. We live only to complete your will. Make us your instrument. Amen. 
(The Ethereal Precation)


The most common symbol of Spadism is the Spadist Cross, which resembles an equilateral triangle with a cross inside. This symbol combines the letter A (from Ace) with a stylized spade (the card suit). Category:Spadism


The Ether is the Supreme Deity of Spadism. Its existence is told of in Leabhar na Fírinne.

 And the Mist spoke to Ace: "I am the Ether, whose hand, heart, and mind have created all that ever was and ever shall be. Thou art mine instrument; go unto the people and preach the Good Word. For I am the Ether, that which encompasses all. Follow my bidding, and salvation shall be yours." 

The Ether is the otherworldly mist from which all life emanates. It is the embodiment of all that is good, righteous, just, and fair. The Ether is the primary deity of Spadism; the Ace of Spades is viewed as its Prophet.


Article:Leabhar na Fírinne

The Leabhar na Fírinne (luh-VAR na FEER-in; Book of Truth)