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short introduction - Guillotinism is a religion focused on reviving communities and spreading His Holiness, Monsieur Guillontine's wisdom. Notable features of Guillotinism include the obsession with baguettes, importance of treating all others with love and respect, and a devout adherence of Principes de Guillotine, Guillotinism's holy book. In addition, Guillotinists pride themselves for welcoming all, and working to better the international community through fun and unity.

beliefs/concepts/creeds/worship/etc. - The Three Golden Rules: 1. All disciples must accept and worship His Holiness, Monsieur Baguette, God of Gods, as the Father of the World. 2. All disciples must pray to His Holiness, Monsieur Baguette, God of Gods, three times a day. The first time, to thank Him for the creation of mankind; the second time, to thank Him for compassion and protection; and the third time, to thank Him for the baking of baguettes. 3. All disciples must make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Geneva once a year, where disciples must kiss the feet of His Holiness, Monsieur Baguette, God of Gods, three times.

books/articles of faith/scriptures/etc. - Principes de Guillotine (

practices/duties/responsibilities/etc. - All Guillotinists must adhere to not only the principles in Principes de Guillotine, but also The Three Golden Rules. In addition, it is common practice to recite, "Hail Baguettes!" when a good even occurs, a situation brights, or His Holiness is within one's presence.

history - Guillotinism was officially founded on January 1st, 2012. Monsieur Guillontine is the founder. Guillotinism was reborn during November, 2013.

Guillotinism has held much weight in Switzerland throughout history. In the past, Guillotinism has supported many Guillotinists, assisting them to acquire political offices. In addition, Guillotinism is known for its generosity, offering many of its disciples with assistance, especially financially.

As of now, Guillotinism has spread quickly, converting many followers all across the world including Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, India, Belgium, and the United States of America. As the religious movement grows, more and more disciples have enjoyed spending time on the IRC Channel, #Guillotinism, to discuss various topics and how to continue to spread the holy word of Guillotinism to the rest of the world.

founder/founders - Monsieur Guillontine]]

origins - Guillotinism was officially founded on January 1st, 2012, when His Holiness, Monsieur Baguette, God of Gods and a group of his followers decided that it was time to officially present to the world a new religion that would introduce much needed fun and unity, a time when conflicts and wars had stifled the international community's attempts to create a truly fun and cooperative community. After creating an official IRC channel, #Guillotinism, the followers then created a political party in Switzerland known as the Guillotinism Guild.

historical figures - Monsieur Guillontine and [bowen199]]

denominations (if any) - There are Japanese, South African, Belgian, and American branches of Guillotinism.

relevance - As of now, the religion has assisted the international community, but namely the Swiss community experience a revival of activity and fun. Guillotinism has encouraged followers to serve Switzerland by working to combat PTO threats and any divisions within the community with unity and rejuvenation. In the context of the international community, Guillotinism has played a major role by connecting citizens from various different countries, all working together to help one another. For example, a Swiss Guillotinist might be assisting a Japanese Guillotinist to fight for their freedom and independence. Thus, Guillotinism, has connected many citizens from around the world to create a more fun and active community.

demographics and number of followers (estimation) - followers are found all across the eWorld. 1. Monsieur Guillontine 2. Joseph Rich 3. Lere 4. bobbySAURON 5. Cs177 6. prophexy 7. Alexandre_Walen 8. Stefan_J 9. cooldude97 10. Tenshibo 11. Kitarou Yuki 12. 2.D.G 13. bowen199 14. Paul Proteus 15. JPCherokee 16. Ivana Ika 17. Taosil 18. daliahme 19. Good Luck Charlie 20. GoddessOfDesire 21. Valeyard 22. Slirus

So far, there are 21 total followers based on activity on Guillotinist IRC Channel as well as Guillotinist Guild party currently located in Switzerland.