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Welcome to eRepublik Official Wiki! We hope your contributions will help the Wiki grow in quality and content. One of the best places to start is with your own autobiography, or citizen page. To start, we have created this helpful tutorial that will show you some of the wiki basics: CPT.
Again, welcome and have fun! Geo "Talk Pages" Belea 15:37, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

Your citizen page

Put all your citizen info here! Thats your actual citizen page, this is your wiki account page lol - Icon-UK.png John F Baker Icon-South Africa.png talk/British Army librarian 00:45, 2 November 2010 (UTC)

I am just doing my job... please don't call me a fascist. Warning template was added to your Honors page as there where NO articles pointing to it. I have repaired this by correcting the link on your citizen article page. And unfortunately due to the changes in eRepublik:Category Guidelines‎, categories for specific parties are not allowed any more, so I had to delete Member of the PCP. If you want to add people who are in the party, please use the party page, but I wouldn't suggest it as this information changes often. Thank you, and don't hate me for doing my job. Thank you for your time. --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Click here to talk with me baby! ;) 15:01, 25 November 2010 (UTC)

You placed a warning for deletion, which stated that my page was to be removed because it didn't use templates. It seems it was because the wiki had no links. This was a mistake, as I intended it to have one, but it could be that material hosted on the wiki is referred to ingame or on the forums or designed to be found using the search engine. I ma unsure how useful the rules I allegeldly broke are. I think issuing the warning was premature. (Please note that my original page on the old wiki was just deleted without notice, I spend time writing this stuff and do not want it deleted again.)
A pointer to how to use templates would also have been helpful since I have never bothered on other media wikis I use.
Thank you for letting me know what I had done wrong. I am happy to adopt a house style but didn't want the Miltary Honours page on my front page. Page design and segmentation are perfromance issues and an indication of good citizenship.
Too many rules inhibits the wiki, wisdom of crowds benefits. I am curious as to why Categories are inibited. --DuffelBag 18:01, 25 November 2010 (UTC)
Party categories were removed as party members and party names change often so it happens that in one month all data is obsolete, especially in categories about parties. We are trying to reduce the percentage of obsolete data, ad least in the categories. At this moment, it is very hard to reduce the number of obsolete articles as our bellowed eRepublik Admins change this to often. Unfortunately. Also, if you find that anything was done wrongly (deletion, changes, etc.), you can always complain to the admin, belea, me, or any other sysop. And sorry, now I see that I wanted to add Web template and not the warning template, I am still just a human. I have to apologize for this mistake, it wasn't done intentionally. Sorry. --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Click here to talk with me baby! ;) 18:24, 25 November 2010 (UTC)