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Gde si bio, bre?

Nema te mesecima ;-P

Serbia Country page

I have removed Country Template for conquered regions as it is limited to showing only 20 countries (does not make any difference how many countries we write down it always shows only 20 countries).

We can not put 2 templates as It is slow. It takes A LONG time to load data for 30+ regions (there's a reason why it's limited to 20/template). After first load it caches the page so after that the page works fast. But every time the cache expires (every hour maybe) the page needs to be reloaded completely.

There is an error in military rank Template for National Force***. Template works for "National Force", but not for "National Force***" with stars. It just prints error message and screws up display big time.

Please use preview, it really helps to see possible errors in edits.

Welcome back and happy editing--Sre8renica 17:13, 20 November 2011 (PST)