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 No me gusta los hispaños dobles. 
(vSkyzv on Double Spaniards)

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth July 9, 2009
(Day 597)
Date of death 2012
Residence California
Sex Male
Newspaper The Pigeon Messenger
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

vSkyzv was a part of Operation Reverse Spanish Inquisition. He was pure-blooded American, although he has taken kind into traveling around the world.

Entrance into the eWorld

Born during the beginning of the PEACE GC invasion of North America, vSkyzv was born during an era of both great fear and great patriotism. America's earlier myopic imperialistic efforts had backfired, and with the hate spurred by anti-Americanism, PEACE GC gained the much needed political capital to begin an invasion of the United States. America was threatened on several fronts. Towards the east, America faced a wide, but open Atlantic from which the French, and Portuguese could attack. From the west, America faced possible invasion from both Russia and those who spoke the tongue of PERTAMAXX and wakawakawaka. Further complicating America's predicament was the threat imposed by British neutrality. America was about to be tread on, but despite the threat of a foreign invasion, the fear contained within America's collective consciousness also instilled feelings of community and brotherhood within its inhabitants. Such an environment helped spurred his growth in such a crucial time during his early eChildhood.

Tour of Duty with the US Army

Although vSkyzv has not given us much detail about his service with the Army, he has told our reporters that he was glad to have avoided the "completely noobish" Mobile Infantry whose members leaked passwords on a daily basis.

Mocking parter

Sometime during the Russian invasion of the United States during World War III, the Russian president revealed he would be willing to spend a significant amount of real life currency to defeat the United States. parter announced that he would invest in a large sum of gold in order to fuel and arm Russian tanks and other hard-hitters. This was felt very bluntly by American players at first, especially considering the United States was down to just one of its fifty original regions. They had, for the most part, been on the losing end of most battles despite their best efforts. The majority of the still fighting American population was huddled at what was now a super-fortress in Florida. Although the massive concentration of population gave Florida a massive defensive bonus that had never been seen before, it was feared that with parter's bought gold, it would now be possible to overwhelm Florida's defenses. Americans quickly lost their newfound sense of security which had been provided by Florida's defenses. However, this worry also soon turned into mockery and jeering at the seriousness at which parter had taken this game. In order to raise maintain morale in such difficult situations, vSkyzv designed a clever quip meant to rebuke parter's seriousness in the form of a meme. "parter will literally sell his house to win Florida, let's make his parents mad," shouted vSkyzv. Soon this message would comprise a significant amount of eRepublik shoutbox message traffic for several hours.

A cartoon mocking parter's decision to invest a large amount of real life currency in buying eRepublik gold.

North Korean Anti-PTO Efforts

While vSkyzv was busy defending his beloved motherland from ruthless foreign invaders, there was also trouble brewing in the Orient. Near the climax of World War III, Russians threatened a political takeover of Corea. Although he was either oblivious or indifferent to the issue at first, he quickly saw Corea's legitimate leadership trampled under the flood of Russian bots and multis. Although vSkyzv's love of all things American such as baseball and apple pie kept him and his fellow Americans ignorant of Corea's struggles at first, the change of fate under Russia's new leadership changed his mind. Driven by his fanatic love for SNSD and everything Corean, he paired up with ousted Corean president and fellow SNSD-fanatic Afanasiy Drago and attempted to overcome the Russian soft invasion. Although the efforts did not succeed at first, he retained his Corean citizenship as a part of Operation Enduring Corean Freedom and to show his devotion to the campaign, became accustomed to over 200 varieties of kimchi.

Belgian Anti-PTO Efforts

Despite the American efforts to stop Russian PTOers in North Korea, the threat of political takeovers still continued and soon enough had expanded to Belgium. This time, the United States military started to focus more attention on the issue. Meeting on a private section on the now defunct US military forum, members of the US military led by Rod Damon took part in Project C.A.R.E. in an effort to defeat enemy political takeover attempts by both mustering a force of voters and attempting to delete enemy bots and multis. vSkyzv, who had recently regained American citizenship, now reluctantly swapped it for Belgian citizenship and a diet based on french fries and waffles.

Operation Godzilla

Shortly before he left for his first hiatus, vSkyzv took part in the US invasion of Japan. The operation was codenamed Operation Godzilla (Japanese: Operation Godzirra) after the massive monster that occasionally terrorized Japan. It has been speculated that due to his participation, the divine winds blew causing a deterioration in his health, therefore leading to his first eDeath.


Due to the heavy monitoring of communications employed by both sides, the US Army relayed encrypted orders to its soldiers. Below are the orders he received immediately before the invasion.

TIME: 1130hrs


It is my great pleasure to announce that Major James Harding & Major Chadwick0585 have both been promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel. Please join me in congratulating them for their excellent work.


All soldiers should deploy to the US. AFTER DEPLOYMENT FILL OUT ROLL CALL, IT IS NOT A REQUEST. http://tinyurl.com/****REDACTED****

There is a training war open until ~345pm PST. Use this battle to get to the highest possible wellness. For this wellness battle either fight bare handed or self fund. Please factor in the wellness cost of traveling and fight once you reach the USA. It is perfectly fine to fight 4 times so that you can end with maximum wellness.

Training war:



The USA has declared war on Japan. They were a willing PEACE lackey during the Indo invasion and it is time for payback. The declaration of war takes 24 hrs so be prepared for a smackdown on 12/7.


All soldiers should have 15 Q1s on hand--the reason for this should now be apparent. Moving forward, as long as the money holds, we will make sure that every soldier has 5 weapons for each day of fighting. The QMG team is going to be stressed so QMG volunteers are greatly appreciated.


We have 4 army owned companies in the eUS. I am asking for volunteers to staff these companies. I myself will be working at an Army owned company for the duration. If we cannot get enough volunteers then I will set up some sort of rotating draft. All material produced at army owned companies is either 1) Distributed directly to army personnel or 2) Sold to make money that is used to buy equipment for army troops.

  • Q1 Oil
  • Q1 MT
  • Q1 Weapons
  • Q1 200467

Businesses and Organizations

Below are lists of organizations and companies that vSkyzv has owned.

His Land

vSkyzv owned fifteen buildings on his land, including three grain farms, a storage facility, and a training ground endowed to him by the admin. In addition, he was also able to swap his various fields of technical knowledge for a +50 health building.

+50 Health Building

Given in exchange for his occupational trades.

vSkyzv Farms 1
A typical grain farm.

Sea Kitten Fishery
PETA b mad.

We sell petrolleum.

Town center ★★★★☆

This town center's health clinic is powered by socialism.

vSkyzv Farms 2
Another typical grain farm.

Dericious Fish
Now with mercury poisoning

Failboat Ukrainian Mines
A typical aluminum mine.

Training grounds

To stave off obesity.

vSkyzv Farms 3
A third typical grain farm.

The Daily Bread ★☆☆☆☆
The Daily Bread prides itself on making fine quality bread for your basic needs!

Berettas on Wheels
Guns don't kill people, people kill people (with guns). Be the person.


Provides 1000 units of storage.

California Oranges
Because forget Florida oranges.

Bake for America ★★☆☆☆
Meals for Americans.

Failboat Shipping Worldwide

Failboat Shipping Worldwide was a business organization used for storage and for holding his companies. It also participated in seafaring business. Failboat Shipping Worldwide, separated itself from other shipping companies that it deemed "pretentious" by usually failing to achieve its customers' orders. FSW ships often arrived in port with multiple equipment malfunctions and often failed safety regulations, thus leading to many mutinies aboard FSW ships. Failboat Shipping Worldwide was dissolved along with its subsidiaries upon vSkyzv's revival, after he realized organizations were no longer as useful as they were in version one. Although most of FSW's merchant fleet was sold off, parts of it is stilled owned and used by vSkyzv to conduct commerce overseas.

Failboat Shipping Warehouses

A subsidiary of the parent company Failboat Shipping Worldwide. Along with many other Failboat Shipping companies, it provided a storage component for FSW's fleet. Its warehouses also were often used as storage facilities for vSkyzv's surplus goods and occasionally as storage facilities for the US Army's Quartermaster General.

Failboat Shipping Alpha

A subsidiary of Failboat Shipping Worldwide.

Failboat Shipping Beta

Also a subsidiary of Failboat Shipping Worldwide.

H1N1 Swine Flu

Near the conclusion of World War III, the eWorld was becoming a much quieter, peaceful place. However, vSkyzv who had been fighting since his eInfancy could not bear to hear the news. Incensed by the rhetoric used by pacifists and peace advocates, vSkyzv wanted to revive the dying sense of fear and panic that had once grappled the eWorld. Therefore, as a result, vSkyzv headed to the Valley of Mexico to create the first ePandemic, which was quickly dubbed by the sensational eMedia as H1N1 Swine Flu.

Poland Cannot Into Anything

With the revelation that Spoland was no longer a trustworthy ally of the United States, vSkyzv sought to remind Poland of what he deemed were its "inherent inferiorities". As a result, Poland Cannot Into Anything was founded in Great Poland to spread his message.


vSkyzv has traveled extensively throughout eRepublik during his tour of duty with the United States Army. Although vSkyzv is not in any way opposed to the glory and experience points offered by fighting throughout the eWorld, he has suffered from chronic sleep deprivation and jet lag as a result of them and finds such conditions "barely tolerable". Further exacerbating his traveling-related health issues were his frequent use of low quality airlines. He noted in his travel journals that his flight attendants were usually unresponsive and hostile as a result of being underpaid and overworked, leaving him tired once he landed. His misfortunes, however, were unavoidable since the US Army typically chartered such cheap flights. He expects further travel with his new military unit, the Ultramarines, although his miserable flying experiences will not be repeated due to the disbanding of fifth-rate airlines altogether by the admin.

Military Units

Below is the list of military units that vSkyzv has served in.


Before vSkyzv's resume was obsoleted by the implementation of eRepublik Rising, he had great hopes of becoming a great engineer or architect. However, due to the stagnation of the construction industry, he soon became an average factory worker.

Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 7.48 Icon skill land.gif 3.6 Icon skill construction.gif 5.06 Icon skill strength.gif 17.72

(as of June 22, 2010)


vSkyzv has earned nine hard worker achievements. Before joining the Army, he frequently chased new jobs weekly in search of less menial labor and higher pay. During this time, vSkyzv frequently faced job insecurity, although this was not an issue as entrepreneurs were nearly unlimited in the eWorld.


vSkyzv has achieved 8 Super Soldier badges, and currently has a military rank of Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*. He was previously a Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal but was demoted with the implementation of version two. He was in the Ultramarines, United States Army, and was once a US Army Ranger.


vSkyzv used to be a member of the Libertarian Party since it was "the cool kids' club", but he left as his politics gradually shifted to the left over time. He is no longer wanted by the Libertarian Party for being a "dirty stinking liberal".


vSkyzv owns a newspaper entitled The Pigeon Messenger. It had 117 subscriptions to it.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x9)
Last awarded: Day 0
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x8)
Last awarded: Day 0
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x2)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Terra on.gif
Terra soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Wiki on.gif
Wiki Rewards* (x4)
2011: February, June, July, November


Below are a collection of avatars that vSkyzv has used.