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Venetia Carlton

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth 9 October 2010 (Day 1,054)
Date of death early 2011
Residence Mpumalanga
Sex Female
Newspaper The Commonwealth Times
Congress member of Mpumalanga
25 January 2011 –
Congress member of Tasmania
26 November 2010 – 25 December 2010
Minister of Health of Australia
6 December 2010 – 15 December 2010
Intelligence Officer of South Africa
9 January 2011 –
Director of Wiki of South Africa
6 February 2011 –
Director of Immigration (acting) of South Africa
10 February 2011 –
Preceded by Tenshibo
Military rank Icon rank Captain*.png Captain*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Venetia Carlton was an Australian-born, South African congresswoman, journalist, army officer and socialite.

During her short time in the New World, she has held many positions including several positions in the South African government and military, serving as an Intelligence Officer and acting Director of Immigration in the South African Ministry of Security, analysing potential threats to national security.

A Congresswoman, XO of the 1st Company, 3rd Platoon of the Parabats under Nickerball and Director of Wiki in the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

In the past she has been a senator (the Australian term for a congressman or congresswoman) in Tasmania and Minister of Health in the Australian Cabinet of former Prime Minister Bowen Eley.

Early Life

Venetia Carlton was born on 9th October 2010 (Day 1,054 of the New World) in the Australian region of Queensland.

As a young citizen she grasped the basic concepts of eRepublik (having had a brief stint as a citizen during v1) and became an active member of the Australian community, registering on and regularly posting on the country forums, in addition to visiting the country's IRC channel. Due to her activity, Venetia was offered an internship under Binda33 in the Ministry of Industry which she undertook until the end of Wally Wilson's first term as Prime Minister-in-Exile, having been impeached by the Senate under control of Indonesian PTO'ers, nicknamed "Multinesians" by Australians. As well as serving as an intern in the Australian Cabinet, during which she gone valuable insight into the inner workings of the Australian government through her increased security clearance, Carlton also published some articles in her newspaper, The New Oceania Journal (re-named to The Commonwealth Times when Carlton moved to South Africa).

Political Life in Australia

After Wally Wilson was elected for a second term on the 5th November 2010 he decided to leave the Ministry of Industry post vacant as its former incumbent, Binda33, moved on to serve as the Head of the Australian Military. Carlton thus decided not to pursue another internship but instead focused on her political party, The Australian Independence Party. Its founder and Party president, H.Nelson, decided to give her the vice-presidency of the party, and so she gained duties as coordinating elections and recruitment of new members. Venetia also decided to run for office in Tasmania as a Congress member and convincingly won a seat, garnering the 8th most votes in the election and the most of any AIP candidate. After Australia was wiped off the map on the 5th December 2010 by Indonesia, Venetia decided to move to South Africa, taking up residence in Limpopo; however she kept her Australian citizenship and continued to fight for her homeland's liberation. She served as Minister of Health in the cabinet of Bowen Eley. After Australia was wiped off the map on December 2010 Venetia sought asylum in South Africa.

A New Home in South Africa

After a week vacation away from eRepublik, Venetia decided to resign all her posts and request South African citizenship. She quickly became active in her new home and was asked to act as an Intelligence Officer under Mark Morcom, the Director of Intelligence, in the South African Cabinet. When Hamilton Moore revived the South African Gold Party she joined and successfully ran for congress in the newly-acquired region of Mpumalanga.

After Krimpiekat was elected Venetia was appointed as Director of Wiki under the Minister of Domestic Affairs, Fhaemita Malodorous, also continuing her work as an Intelligence Officer under Chucker71.

When Tenshibo was no longer able to fulfill his duty as Director of Immigration, Chucker asked her to step into the role in his absence.



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