Verenigd Nederland (historic)

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Verenigd Nederland

Party-Verenigd Nederland (historic).jpg‎
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation VN
Forum Forum
Founded Day 1155
18 January 2011
Dissolved April 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds DemNL, GLD, I&W, LSD, IP
Succeeded By Democratisch Nederland
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

Verenigd Nederland (Netherlands United or Dutch Unity, not to be confused with United Netherlands) is a party formed on the initiative of Garmr against multiple PTO's late 2010. Where 3 of the 5 top parties were heavily PTO'd by Croatian feminists. The biggest parties (DemNL, GLD, I&W, LSD, IP) decided it would be best to counter these takeovers by merging into 1 party for the time being. LSD somehow managed to re-gain control of their party, so didn't fully join until Poland attacked and wiped the Netherlands from the map January 2011. Being off the map had the beneficial side-effect that it was rid also of all inactive parties. Congress decided on a bill that should enforce the formation of just 1 party for a period of minimally 2 months to counter any possible PTO's in a country under reconstruction.

The logo consists of the eNL army flag plus the country-presidential crest, symbolizing the strength of the nation under one flag, lead by a democratic leader, it was designed by Daniel Parker.

Party Presidents

The Party president was a second function of the Country President. The Presidents were Garmr and Antiko.


Verenigd Nederland 1

Iron & Wine renamed their party to Verenigd Nederland to counter the many PTO's done by Croatians.

Verenigd Nederland 2

After the Polish wiped the Netherlands away, Verenigd Nederland 2 was founded, paid for by the Dutch government.

Verenigd Nederland 3

After the Serbians wiped the Netherlands away, Verenigd Nederland 3 was founded, paid for by the Serbians.

Verenigd Nederland 4

After the Polish again wiped the Netherlands away, Verenigd Nederland 4 was founded, paid for by the Polish.


After the 2-month decree of allowing only 1 party in the Netherlands was passed on 16th of March 2011, an auction was started to sell the state-party to the highest bidder, which was ArtemIvanov who collected gold together with others to re-start Democratisch Nederland.