Versus von Stifft

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Dead citizen

Versus von Stifft

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth day 826
Date of death day 1600 (est)
Residence Norrland and Sameland
Sex Male
Newspaper Vs XII's nyheter,
later known as
Congress member of Sweden
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Versus von Stifft, born as Vs XII, was the founder of the Rojalist demokraterna (Eng. The royalist democrats). If Vs would describe himself, he would say: I am a patriotic protestantic tolerant royalist. These opinions changed extremely during his second appearance.

Early eRepublik days

When Vs started with eRepublic didn't care about politics that much, he wanted to strive for a military career. After a while did he got invited to Folkhemsdemokraterna (Eng. The people's home democrats) Vs were just looking for justice and a chance to higher the salary so he joined them. Later everyone just thought he died.

Return of Vs

Sweden was under control by enemies for a while and when Vs returned there was Swedish resistance liberating the last territories. He joined Flashback Sweden in hope to get on his feet again. Later did he lost his support for them and joined MSAP as he didn't know the dark truth about them - that they were COMMUNISTS! When he realised that, he left as fast as possible and then he got invited to Nya Vasademokraterna (Eng. The New Vasademocrats).

Political career

Vs started with his political career already in Flashback Sweden as he tried to become a Congress member but he didn't succeed until he was in MSAP but he wasn't very popular by the rest of the Congress as he didn't know the rules. When he became party leader in Nya Vasademokraterna he started his career for real. He decided to reform the inactive party and aim for the top, therefore, he created Rojalist demokraterna.

Second disappearance and return

When he didn't make any progress as RD he started to fund himself by creating a company which didn't have much luck at the beginning. Later his factories increased and he started to have a lot of factories that were run by him alone since he didn't seem to be able to get any workers. After a while, he disappeared completely for a while.

When he returned he was totally changed, he abandoned his old nationalistic ideas and his royalism was strongly lowered, and he started to hate nationalism just as much as he hated communism and fascism.