Very Italian People

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Very Italian People

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Abbreviation VIP
Founded 16 June 2012
President Zipanguli
Members 34
Congress Occupancy 0 seats
Ideology Authoritarian

VIP is the first political party of Italocracy, now it's the nineth party of United States of America.

This is the motto of VIP:

 Any foreigner who considers himself eAmerican and helps eAmerica is considered American. 

Party Presidents

Presidents of VIP
# Month Name Resignation
I June 2012 Castell militarista -
II July 2012 Zipanguli -
III August 2012 Daniel Sempere -
IV September 2012 Rocco N Rollo -
V October 2012 Riccardo Quarta -
VI November 2012 Longoba -
VII December 2012 Longoba -
VIII January 2013 Polixiotto -
IX February 2013 Aliquem -