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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 309
Date of birth 23.02.2010 - Day 826 of the New World
Date of death 27.02.2012 - Day 1,560 of the New World
Residence Svealand
Sex Male
Political party Nytt Parti

Vigge_of_Death (Day 826 - Day 1560 ) is a Swedish citizen, politician and soldier. He serves as Vice Minister of Eduacation in eSweden. He also serves as the Swedish ambassador to USA. He has been the Swedish ambassador to Italy, Greece and USA. He has also been the Canadian ambassador to Sweden. Vigge is currently in the board in the political party: Kommissionen



Vigge was born in Sweden on day 826 (23 february 2010).

Political Career

Vigge started his political career as a member of FRONT being invited by icehacker and Emil Haakman when they found Vigge in the Swedish National Channel ingame. Though, he quickly left to live in eBolivia with an IRL friend.

After a few days in eBolivia, when the IRL friend became inactive, he moved back to eSweden to once again become a member of FRONT. He started to lurk in the Swedish chat channel on Quakenet where he met a lot of new friends and much hatred from some Flashback Sweden members. He didn’t let them win and continued the fight in FRONT. A few days before the upcoming Congress Elections the 25th February 2010 he signed up for the capital region of Sweden: Svealand. Not many thought he would stand a chance against the older and more experienced players which competed against him for a place in the congress.

He did what many thought weren’t possible, he was voted in as a wildcard after just a month of playing.

Vigge was active and soon became popular amongst the people. The time flew away during this period so he decided to sign up for elections in Svealand again. He gained a lot of support and some fans during his period as a congressman and with more experience and knowledge this time he was prepared. This time he managed to be the one who got most votes of all players in the elections!

He continued being active in the congress and after a while he received an invitation, since by this time he was one of the most active players in Sweden, to a secret meeting. He got the invitation from his fellow congressman from the same party, Kapten Oberlach. A longtime friendship between these two started here when they together with Emil Haakman decided to start up a new party called Republikanska Frihetspartiet. It soon became Vasademokraterna and Vigge held a position in the board as long as the party existed. Vigge received his first position in the government this month, as icehacker appointed him as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs with Alecian as MoFA. Many thought Vigge were too unexperienced to be in the government but he remained in the government.

He competed in the elections again, this time for Vasademokraterna. He was the only member from the party who was successful and carried a big burden doing his best making VD heard in the congress. Vigge didn’t sign up for elections in May since he already had a lot to do being Vice MoFA a second term, this time under president Meleni and Alecian served as MoFA again.

In April 2010 he left Sweden to join Canada. The same day as the Country President Elections was over in Canada he was appointed as the new deputy Minister of Education. Ace_Blazer was MoE. Vigge and Ace became very good friends and made the MoE very active during this month. He tried to become a congressman but lost clearly in the elections and didn’t give it another try next month. The month later, Ace chose to retire from his position as MoE and now Vigge was alone in the Ministry of Education meaning he was the MoE. At the end of the month he resigned to return to Sweden and his companions which now had become Nya Vasademokraterna (NVD).

After the CP elections in Sweden he was appointed Vice Minister of Interior with Oberlach as MoI. He held this position in august too. In September he was appointed as Vice Minister of Education in Sweden which meant another month in government together with Kapten Oberlach. Vigge also became a congressman for NVD in Sweden once again.

In October Vigge was appointed as the new Party President in NVD. The number of members started to increase again and the party became more active after being “sleeping” for a month. He also became the Vice Minister of Interior again. Though, when Kapten Oberlach lost the Presidential Elections the 5th of November 2010 and quit eRepublik, Vigge became more inactive. Five days left to next Party President Elections, Vigge resigned and quit the game.

Now he is back and anything can happen!

After his resurrection

Just a few days after coming back, he was appointed the Head of Ambassador Corps in eCanada. He served as it for two weeks, then returning to eSweden. In eSweden he became the Ambassador to USA but since he had a lot to do in school, he had not time for this.

Vigge was the Vice Minister of Education in eSweden in february.


Vigge started his military career in TSM (The Swedish Military) as a part of Pansartrupperna. It didn't take long until he was promoted to a Fallskärmsjägare. He was placed in Platoon Wolf, the pride of the Swedish Army. He fought hard at orders and fought in epic battles like Hello Kitty and Rhone Alps. When Vigge lived in Canada, he was a part of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in a rangers platoon. When he returned to Sweden he fought as a lone wolf, although he later returned to TSM. During the time Vigge was inactive, he was kicked out of TSM and when he came back he fought as a lone wolf again. He returned to TSM for a short while, before leaving TSM for The Crimson Order.

Vigge quickly went through the Academy and became a Corporal in the Crimson Canucks. He was quickly promoted to Captain in the Crimson Devils for the 4th Legion - The new Swedish one. Today, he still is Captain of the 4th legion in The Crimson Devils.


Vigge has a newspaper known as What Can I Say. Today it has 1146 subscribers.


Vigge can often be found on the Quakenet network under the name LillVigge. He usually lurks in on Quakenet and #eCan and #usa-chat on Rizon. Now he lurks in #crimson and #crimsondevils too. He also has the highest ranking in the channel #eTrivia (Trivia questions about eRepublik) on the Quakenet network.


Icon skill manufacturing.gif Guru** Icon skill strength.gif 1667.84


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x5) Icon achievement president off.gif Country President (x0)
No progress
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x6) Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (x4)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x1)
Day 1248
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement resistance off.gif Resistance Hero (x0)
No progress
Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society Builder (x0)
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