Visu Latvijai

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Visu Latvijai

Party-Visu Latvijai.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Abbreviation VL
Founded ~July 2009
Dissolved March 2010
President Trieciennieks
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Nacionala Fronte
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

Visu Latvijai was a political party in Latvia. It had up to 247 members before it became the Nacionala Fronte in March 2010.


The party was formed sometime in July 2009 in Latvia. By August it was a force to be reckoned with and elected its first president, Nameisis to the Latvian presidency. Ever since then, Visu Latvijai has been a strong political party in Latvia, getting lots of congress seats. They boast the longest presidency in Latvia under their wing and some of the more influential figures of Latvia. It became the Nacionala Fronte in March 2010.